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the 1972 stockholm conference also known as United Nations conference on the Human Environment.

About stockholm

UN's firs major conference on intern­ational enviro­nmental issues. First organized in 1972 to coordinate global efforts to promote sustai­nab­ility.
122 countries adopted

Stockholm 50+ agenda

Placing human well being at he centre
Recogn­izing and implem­enting the right to a clean, healthy and sustai­nable enviro­nment
Adopting system wise changes
Accelerate transf­orm­ations of high impact sectors
Help developing countries to tackle enviro­nmental challenges

Dimensions of the conference

No harm to any country's enviro­nment
Action plan to study threat to earth's enviro­nment
Establ­ishment of UNEP


*Ident­ifi­cation of a theme of sustai­nable develo­pment.
{20 years later 1992 UN conference on enviro­nment and develo­pment - The earth summit in Rio de Janeiro defined sustai­nable develo­pment.}
*Estab­lished few princi­ples:
-Polluter pays principle
-Preca­uti­onary principle (Vienna convention for protection of ozone layer)


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