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Alvl P2: circular motion (ch10) Cheat Sheet by

aqa A-level physics year 2 (yr13) circular motion : chapter 10

circular motion

a force moving in a circular experi­ences a centri­petal force that acts towards the direction of axis of rotation

F = mv2/r

velocity is a tangent to the force at a point
- constant speed but always changing directions
- therefore there is a variable accele­ration

angular velocity

w = angular veloci­ty/­fre­que­ncy­/speed
in rads-1

v = (2pi/T)r = (2pi f)r
v = wr


for vertical loops:
you have a circle
A- left furthest side
B- highest point
C- right furthest side
D- bottom

when travel­ling-
at A/C > support force = mv2/r
B > mv2/r - mg
D > mv2/r + mg

banked planes­/banded tracks:

mv2/r = mgtan0

to try and visualise-
-plane coming towards you
-angled towards the left the the right wing face towards the sky
-there is mg downwards
-centr­ipetal to the left (axis of rotation)
- there is a force u angled up the the diagonal left at 0 degrees to the normal


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