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Requesting Help from IT Partners Cheat Sheet by

Help regarding any hardware or software issues.

Common Issues

We all hate computer problems. They slow our produc­tion, sometimes cause us to lose work and can be frustr­ating.
When you encounter issues, follow these simple tips to ensure that the person you’re working with to fix your computer has a clear unders­tanding of what the problem actually is and can get it resolved without delay.

What Can IT Partners Help With?

Fax Machine

First Step to Requesting Help

Double click this icon on the desktop.

First Things to Ask Yourself

Do you have an error message? If so, what exactly does the message say?
If there is no error message: What exactly is your computer doing? “It just doesn’t work” won’t help determine the problem.
When did the problem start happening?
Did anything else happen at the same time the problem started? (e.g. a blue screen of death, virus warning, etc.)
What have you already done to troubl­eshoot the problem?
Has the problem changed since it first started happening? (e.g. computer shuts off more freque­ntly, error message appears at a different time now, etc.)

Second Step

Choose the first option: "Send an email to our support team".

An Example:

Let’s say that your computer will not turn on. You might describe the problem like this:

“I hit the power button on my laptop (it’s a Dell Inspiron) and the power light that always comes on does so. Some text shows up on the screen for just a second, but goes away before I am able to read it and then the whole thing shuts off and there’s no lights on at all. I can turn it on again but the same thing happens. It’s running Windows 8.”
If you are able to answer any of the questions to the left, put them in the e-mail. The more detail you are able to provide, the quicker someone will be able to help get to the bottom of the issue

Final Step

An email screen will auto populate. Using the Tips from above, type out an e-mail that gives all the details you know, and hit send. Someone will be in touch quickly to help out.
Make sure to include your phone extension number, if that is how you want them to get in touch with you.


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