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AWS Networking Cheat Sheet by

This is a cheat sheet for basic AWS Networking terminology.


Private network within AWS
Privat­e/P­ublic sub network within VPC


Network Firewall
Security of VPC
Network Access Control List
Security of Subnet (State­less. Allow + Deny rules)
Security Groups
Security of EC2 (Stateful. Allow rules only)
Security of Applic­ation (Layer 3/4)
Web Applic­ation Firewall
Security of Applic­ation (Layer 7)

Internet Connec­tivity

Internet Gateway
Connect VPC to Internet
NAT Gateway
Connect Private Subnet to Internet (AWS Managed)
NAT Instance
Connect Private Subnet to Internet (Self Managed)

Private Connec­tivity

VPC Peering
Connect VPC to VPC privately
Transit Gateway
Connect multiple VPCs
Connect VPC to AWS services privately
VPC Endpoint Gateway
S3, DynamoDB
VPC Endpoint Interface
Rest of AWS services

Hybrid Connec­tivity

Direct Connect
Connect on-pre­mises to VPC privately
Site-t­o-Site VPN
Connect on-pre­mises to VPC publicly
Customer Gateway
Within on-pre­mises
Virtual Private Gateway
Within VPC
Client VPN
Connect users to VPC publicly


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