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My keyboard shortcuts - personal usage + phraseexpress shortcuts


-max --> main popup
-rand --> random
-angular --> main popup
-source --> project source link


git init <di­rec­tor­y>
git add
git commit -m "­tex­t"
git log
git lol - nice log
git remote add origin http://...
git push -u reponame branch
git pull repo branch
git diff —staged
git checkout -b newbranch
git branch -d <na­me> -delete a branch
git push origin :<b­ran­ch_­nam­e> - delete origin branch
git push origin <br­anc­h_n­ame>
git merge myBranch
git config --global --edit
st = status (alias)


$rou - routep­rovider


ctrl + shift + l - clean code
ctrl + p / ctrl + shift + p - jump comment
ctrl + shift [ - jump to brace
ctrl + alt d - comment
ctrl + alt shift n - notes
ctrl + alt +] / [ - expand­/­col­lapse current
ctrl + alt / - shortcuts
ctrl + alt + enter - emmet

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