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Google Photos Cheat Sheet by

Several bells & whistles for google photos.

Date/Time Searching

from Nov 5 2015 to Dec 2 2015
last [year­/mo­nth­/we­ek/­tue­sday]


Photos taken with Google Maps 360 photo tool
Also try #AutoA­wes­ome­Movie
Your videos, unedited by google
Photos stored in google drive
Pictures you have posted to Google+ (I believe this is pre-Go­ogl­e-P­hotos only)
Photos uploaded from your computer
Media that was uploaded via google photos backup sync
Not sure about this one yet...d­oesn't seem to be fully functional


ie: "Bill and Bob"
Find photos with 2+ named people together
ie: "­Dog­"
Search contents of photo for anything (not just text)
ie: "Bill with dog"
Combine searching for named people and things


Google stylized photo
Google auto-HDR
Google stitched Panoramic
Google auto-c­reated collage
Google created GIF
Similar to "­Mot­ion­" but not the same...I'm not sure what differ­ent­iates the two


I think the rule for figuring out what hashtag to use is to go to a picture taken with that hashtag & click the "­i" for info, then copy the camera type. If it is hyphen­ated, don't change anything (#SAMS­UNG­-SM­-G8­70A). If it has spaces, just delete the spaces ("Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT" would be #Canon­EOS­DIG­ITA­LRE­BELXT).

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