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Descriptive writing Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

YEAR 9 - I Lower Secondary Curriculum *qualification*-

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Descri­ptive language is used to help the reader feel almost as if they are a part of the scene or event being described. The descri­ption is useful because it helps readers engage with the story ,often creating an emotional response. It can help a reader visualize what a character or a place is like


is a descri­ptive technique that compares one thing with another, usually using 'as' or 'like'.
The trees stood as tall as towers.
is a descri­ptive technique that names a person, thing, or action as something else.
The circus was a magnet for the children.
is use of obvious exagge­ration for rhetorical effect
The sun scorched through the day.
is a metaphor attrib­uting human feelings to an object.
The sun smiled at the hills, ready to begin a new day.
Pathetic fallacy
a type of person­ifi­cation where emotions are given to a setting, an object or the weather
The clouds crowded together suspic­iously overhead as the sky darkened
words that sound a little like they mean
The autumn leaves and twigs cracked and crushed underfoot
a phrase combining two or more contra­dictory terms
There was a deafening silence
Emotive language
language intended to create an emotional response
A heart-­bre­aking aroma of death filled the air as he surveyed the devast­ation and destru­ction that had befallen them