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Usefull commands

svn ci -m "­commit messag­e"
svn up
Update working copy from svn server
svn st
Show changes from last commit
svn info
View svn working copy info
svn up -r500
Get 500 revicion


svn cp -m "new branch­" ^/trunk ^/bran­che­s/new
Create "­new­" branch
svn sw ^/bran­che­s/new
Switch to branch "­new­"
svn ci -m "­commit messag­e"
Commit to branch
svn merge ^/trunk
Merge trunk changes to branch "­new­"
svn ci -m "­trunk merge to new branch­"
Commit merge
svn sw ^/trunk
Switch to trunk
svn merge --rein­tegrate ^/bran­che­s/new
Merge branch changes to trunk


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