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DNA Replication Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Nucleotide is made up of
Pentose sugar (5 Carbon Atoms)
Nitrogen Containing Base
A phosphate Group

Cell Division

During Cell division DNA must make a identical copy, otherwise progeny cells will be different from parent cell.

Comple­mentary Base Pairs

A- Adenine
C- Cytosine
This is Base Pairing

Semi Conser­vative Replic­ation

DNA copies itself before cell division
Each new cell has full amount of DNA
Semi conser­vative replic­ation due to half of the strands in new DNA molecule are from the original

Daughter Helix

1 Parental Strand
1 New Strand
1 Unchanged from Original

Chromatids and DNA


Semi Conser­vat­ive Replic­ation Stages

Steps of DNA replic­ation
1) Hydrogen Bonds are broken betwen polynu­cle­otides DNA strands
2)Double Helix unwinds to make two single strands
3)Original Strand acts as a template for a new strands
3) Comple­mentary Base pairing attracts new bases to its corres­ponding pairs
4)Cond­ens­ation Reactions join nucleo­tides together
5) Catalysed by enzyme DNA polymerase
6) New hydrogen bonds form
7) New strand contains one strand from original DNA molecule and 1 new strand

Chromo­somes + DNA Replic­ation

Chromo­somes are found in the nucleus
During Cell Division chromo­somes duplicate
DNA Replic­ation linked to Chromosome replic­ation linked to Mitosis
DNA Replicated During Interphase
Chromo­somes are composed of DNA

DNA replic­ation image

Replic­ation Image 2

Chromatids and DNA 2