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16th Century Intro

What dynasty rose from the War of Roses?
Tudor Dynasty
Who was Owen Tudor?
Welshman w/out a claim; marries Catherine of Valois
Who was Catherine of Valois?
widow of Henry V (Lanca­ster)
Who was Henry VII?
1st Tudor monarch
Who did Henry VII defeat at Bosworth field?
Richard III
Henry VII marries who?
Elizabeth of York and unifies both factions
Describe Elizabeth I.
grandd­aughter to Henry VII; last Tudor ruler
Describe Thomas More.
diplomat to Nether­lands; wrote in Latin (Utopia)
What famous work did Machia­velli write?
The Prince­(Guide on how power can be gained & kept)
Describe Martin Luther.
German professor who preached corruption in Catholic church; sola scriptura and sola fide
What does sola scriptura and sola fide mean?
scripture & faith alone
What is a recusant?
secretly Catholic
Who wrote Defense of Poesy?
Sir Philip Sidney
Describe Francis Drake.
poet and later sea captain who defeated Spanish Armada
Which Queen orders Mary, Queen of Scots' execution?
Queen Elizabeth

Whoso to List to Hunt

Noli me tangere means what?
Don't touch me
What is the premise of this poem?
going after a woman you can't have
What is a hind?
a female deer
What kind of poem is this?
a sonnet
Who does he compare Caesar to?
King Henry
What does the diamond collar refer to?
refers to nobility or ownership to someone of nobility
What does sanguine refer to?
happy, charis­matic
What does Choler refer to?
anger, sharp, discip­lined, impatient
What does Melanc­holia refer to?
arts, thinker & feel deep
What does Phlegmatic refer to?
something takes time, thorough, more likely to be late

Divers Doth Use

What is the meaning of the poem?
ladies dump guys; guys cry to feel better
How does Wyatt try to get through a relati­onship?
lets it pass
What does Wyatt not call women even though they are one?
a liar
What does he say women are prone to do?
change their minds
He says that men often do what after getting dumped?
talk bad about a woman

The Passionate Shepherd

How is this pastoral?
depicts an ideal image of a rural landscape
Myrtle refers to what?
Ivy refers to what?
What is ever lasting?
spring time
What are the empty promises?
time, work, etc.

The Nymph's Reply

Why is this considered anti-p­ast­oral?
ever winter
What is mentioned of men's needs?
men only want sex
What never comes out of man?

Thomas Wyatt

What college was Wyatt educated?
St. John's College
What university did Wyatt attend?
Wyatt was a what for Henry VIII?
a clerk
He was also sent to which two countries on diplomatic reasons?
France & Nether­lands
Where was he impris­oned?
Tower of London
Why was he impris­oned?
committed adultery with Anne Boleyn
What does he die of at age 39?
a fever
What was a common theme in his poems?
longing to escape from corruption & anxiety; wanted to live a rural life
What literary device did he introduce?
the sonnet
What is a volta?
a turn
What is a sonnet?
a 14 line poem in iambic pentameter
Did he ever publish during his life?
What contained 271 of his poems?
Songs & Sonnets
What is adust?
the sigh of one in love when he thinks of his beloved
What were the 4 humors?
black bile, blood, phlegm, yellow bile

Sir Philip Sidney

What occupa­tions did he hold?
knight, soldier, poet, friend, & patron
How did he die?
died at 32 while fighting Spanish in Low Countries
His funeral almost made who bankrupt?
Francis Walsingham
Who was his father?
Henry Sidney­(go­vernor of Iceland)
Where did he go to university and not finish?
What famous massacre did he witness?
St. Bartho­lomew's Day Massacre
Who was his sister?
Mary Herbert; lived at Wilton
What famous work defended poetry?
Defense of Poesy
What was his greatest work?
Astrophil & Stella
What genre was he most ambitious in?
prose fiction

Edmund Spenser

What university did he attend?
He started his career by doing what?
transl­ating anti-c­atholic propaganda
The Shepherd's Calendar was dedicated to who?
Philip Sidney
What was his biggest ambition?
become a great English poet of his age
What were his political views?
criticized the monarchy
What category of work did he write in?
Renais­sance neopla­tonism; earthly & practical

William Shakes­peare

Where did he attend school?
Stratford Grammar school
Did he go to a presti­gious univer­sity?
Who did he marry at age 18?
Anne Hathaway who was 26
Who was his oldest daughter?
What were the twins' name?
Hamnet & Judith
What troupe did he work with?
the King's Men
Where did he perform?
Globe theater
What indoor London theater does he later perform at?
What was his retirement work?
the Tempest
What was a Romance?
patterns of loss & recovery, suffering & redemption
Describe the plot of his works.
adopted techni­ques; worked w/ well made stories & histories; work is central to human condition

Christ­opher Marlowe

What college does he attend?
Corpus Christi
What university does he attend?
How did he get in to the univer­sity?
through schola­rship w/out holy orders; maybe an atheist
What was Tambur­laine about?
a Mongol warrior rises from humble origins to conquer
What literary technique does he use freque­ntly?
blank verse
How does he die?
killed in a brawl with a dagger
Why does he almost not receive his masters degree?
almost denied for joining English Catholics

Walter Raleigh

What colony does he help establish?
What food does he introduce to Ireland?
What commodity does he introduce to Europe?
What was he openly opposed to publis­hing?
his poetry
Where is he imprisoned & why?
tower of London for treason
What work does he start while in the prison?
History of the World
Which prince of Wales supported him?
Which country pushes for his later execution?
Who imprisoned him?
King James


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