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The Fan Base Formula Cheat Sheet by

Study the "Big Dogs"

What type of content are they sharing?
How often do they post new updates?
What is the mix of re-shared content vs. original content?
What types of posts get the biggest reaction from followers?
Do they post personal content or just topic-­rel­ated?

Curate the Best Content

Follow intere­sting blogs
Reshare content shared by influe­ncers
Reshare content that's already popular

Take Followers Behind the Scenes

Moments and updates from personal life
Show "the sausage being made" (occas­ion­ally)
Other relatable facets of person­ality

Take Followers on an Adventure

Highlights of the glamorous lifestyle
Bring them closer to the rich and famous
Adrena­lin­e-f­ueled activities

Put Followers in the Spotlight

Success stories
Showcase their best work
Contests, awards and prizes

Drive Traffic

Share frequently (and different angles on same content)
Visual content
Ask for the share (somet­imes)
Pay for extra exposure


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