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Conscious Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

What is consciousness? Information about it in psychology 101.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

What is consci­ous­ness?

A personas subjective experience of the mind and the external world
Your conscious perception is subjective
Your conscious perception is the content of your experience

Unattended ear

People cannot report the contents of the message in an unattended ear, but
- They know that there was a message
- They know the gender of the speaker
- Some superf­icial nature of the speech


Some people lose their vision due to damages to their primary visual cortext
Some find a second sight:
Somehow their uncons­cious mind guides their behaviour correctly.

Conscious perception is limited

Although you see all these things you are only consci­ously aware of a few things you see.

Binocular rivalry

Two dissimilar images are presented simult­ane­ously to each eye and your conscious perception alternates

Divided attention

Many believe you are not paying attention to many tasks simult­ane­ously, but instead rapidly switching your attention
There are some tasks you can do with little attention
Attent­ional blink:
- A brief slow-down in mental processing immedi­ately after progre­ssing another event
- Your brain has limited resources for paying attention

Selective attention

Attending to one thing while ignoring the others
You only consci­ously experience the content of the text you pay attention to
When you try to ignore the many of the things and events around you to focus on one of them
The stimuli you try to ignore are distra­ctions that must be eliminated or excluded
The mental process of elimin­ating those distra­ctions is called filtering or selecting

Disorders of visual attention:

Hemisp­atial neglect:
Damage to one hemisphere
Deficit in attention to and awareness of one side of the visual field as if one part of the world were not there