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Life of the cell: the process of their growth.

Five phases of mitosis

Prophase - Chromo­somes condense and Chromatids connect at centro­meres.
Metaphase - Chromatid pairs align at metaphase plate.
Anaphase - Daughter chromo­somes separate.
Telophase - Nuclear envelopes reform.
Cytoki­nesis - Division of the cytoplasm to form two identical daughter cells.
Mitosis is the process of cell division which results
in the production of two daughter cells
from a single­-parent cell.

Phases in Meiosis

Meiosis 1
Meiosis 2
Prophase 1 - Each chromosome duplicates and remains closely associ­ated. These are called sister chroma­tids.
Prophase 2 - DNA does not replicate.
Metaphase 1 - Chromo­somes align at the center of the cell.
Metaphase 2 - Chromo­somes line up at the center of the cell.
Anaphase 1 - Chromosome pairs separate with sister chromatids remaining together.
Anaphase 2 - Centro­meres divide and sister chromatids move separately to each pole.
Telophase 1 - Two daughter cells are formed with each daughter containing only one chromosome of the chromosome pair.
Telophase 2 - Cell division is complete.
Four haploid daughter cells are formed after the process.

Picture of the Mitosis cycle

Picture of the Meiosis Cycle


Differ­ences in Mitosis and Meiosis

Cell divides once
Cell divides twice
Two daughter cells
Four haploid daughter cells
Genetic inform­ation is identical
Genetic inform­ation is different

The Cell life Cycle

Cell Division - he reprod­uction of cells
Apoptosis - geneti­cally programmed death cells
Mitosis - the nuclear division of somatic cells
Meiosis - the nuclear division of sex cells


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