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Roman Law Common Questions Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Common questions asked in a roman law exam.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Ways a Servitude Can Be Exting­uished

1. Property is destroyed or changed
2. Confusio
Merger; ownership of multiple tenements become vested into one person's hands.
3. By expiry
When a servitude has been granted for a stated amount of years.
4. Death
Usufructus ends with the death of its owner.
5. Remission
Surrender; by in jure cessio or agreement.

Personal Servit­udes; usufru­ctus, usus and habitato

The right to use and enjoy the use, fruits and advantages of someone else's property, as long as the character of the property is not changed.
A usufructus without the right to take the fruits; it is limited to the wants of the usuarius and his family.
The right to use someone else's house

3 Duties of Usufru­ctuary

1. Promising the owner that the property will be restored when the usufructus ends.
2. Taking care of the property and not change the character of the building.
3. The Usufru­ctuary could not alienate the usufruct right.


A grant of full rights of ownership over the land of another in perpetuity or for a long time on the condition that annual rent is paid.