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ammo 62 label/placard for land Cheat Sheet by

Ammo 62 course land hazard compatibility, label and placard notes

segreg­ation table for hazardous materials

Notes on segreg­ation materials

Hazard class 6.1
Must be liquid, zone A and PG I
Hazard class 8
Must be liquid
Hazard class 2.3
Must be inhalation zone A or B


Can be shipped with detonators 177.835 (g) (page 921)
Inhalation hazard marking
Not required if on label
Reportable Quantities (RQ)
Must be in front of proper shipping name, if required. Example "RQ ACETON­E"
Required within 6 inches of eachother (multi­ple). Located near proper shipping name
Duplicate Labels
Package or overpack with volume 64 cubic feet or more. required on opposite sides

compat­ibility table for class 1 materials


Less than 454kg gross weight, no placard required. Unless primary hazard is on table 1 or subsidiary hazard on table 2
1.4 S do not require placarding
Compat­ability group letters for class 1 not required for land transport (US only)
Dangerous Placard
Require 2 or more hazards non-bulk
Less than 1000kg each hazard class EXCEPT If approp­riate hazard is on Table 1 or 2
Subsidiary hazard Placard
Not required unless
- Hazard 2.3 (Toxic gas)
-Hazard 6.1(Toxic materials) Zone A and B
-Hazard 4.3 (Dangerous When Wet)
Placard for Primary hazard if subsidiary hazard required


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