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Android Studio (Windows/Linux) Keyboard Shortcuts by


Save all
Ctrl + S
Ctrl + Alt + Y
Maximi­ze/­min­imize editor
Ctrl + Shift + F12
Add to favorites
Alt + Shift + F
Inspect current file with current profile
Alt + Shift + I
Quick switch scheme
Ctrl + ` (backq­uote)
Open settings dialogue
Ctrl + Alt + S
Open project structure dialog
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S
Switch between tabs and tool window
Ctrl + Tab


Safe delete
Alt + Delete
Shift + F6
Change signature
Ctrl + F6
Ctrl + Alt + N
Extract method
Ctrl + Alt + M
Extract variable
Ctrl + Alt + V
Extract field
Ctrl + Alt + F
Extract constant
Ctrl + Alt + C
Extract parameter
Ctrl + Alt + P

Writing Code

Generate code (getters, setters, etc)
Alt + Insert
Override methods
Ctrl + O
Implement methods
Ctrl + I
Surround with (if...else / try...c­atch / etc.)
Ctrl + Alt + T
Delete line at caret
Ctrl + Y
Collap­se/­expand current code block
Ctrl + minus/plus
Collap­se/­expand all code blocks
Ctrl + Shift + minus/plus
Duplicate current line or selection
Ctrl + D
Basic code completion
Ctrl + Space
Smart code completion (filters the list of methods and variables by expected type)
Ctrl + Shift + Space
Complete statement
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Quick docume­ntation lookup
Ctrl + Q
Show parameters for selected method
Ctrl + P
Go to declar­ation (directly)
Ctrl + B or Ctrl + Click
Go to implem­ent­ations
Ctrl + Alt + B
Go to super-­met­hod­/su­per­-class
Ctrl + U
Open quick definition lookup
Ctrl + Shift + I
Toggle project tool window visibility
Alt + 1
Toggle bookmark
Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
Ctrl + F11
Commen­t/u­nco­mment with line
Ctrl + /
Commen­t/u­nco­mment with block
Ctrl + Shift + /
Select succes­sively increasing code blocks
Ctrl + W
Decrease current selection to previous state
Ctrl + Shift + W
Move to code block start
Ctrl + [
Move to code block end
Ctrl + ]
Select to the code block start
Ctrl + Shift + [
Select to the code block end
Ctrl + Shift + ]
Delete to end of word
Ctrl + Delete
Delete to start of word
Ctrl + Backspace
Optimize imports
Ctrl + Alt + O
Project quick fix (show intention actions and quick fixes)
Alt + Enter
Reformat code
Ctrl + Alt + L
Auto-i­ndent lines
Ctrl + Alt + I
Indent­/un­indent lines
Tab/Shift + Tab
Smart line join
Ctrl + Shift + J
Smart line split
Ctrl + Enter
Start new line
Shift + Enter
Next/p­revious highli­ghted error
F2 / Shift + F2

Build and Run

Ctrl + F9
Build and run
Shift + F10
Apply changes (with Instant Run)
Ctrl + F10


Shift + F9
Step over
Step into
Smart step into
Shift + F7
Step out
Shift + F8
Run to cursor
Alt + F9
Evaluate expression
Alt + F8
Resume program
Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl + F8
View breakp­oints
Ctrl + Shift + F8

Navigating and Searching Within Studio

Search everything (including code and menus)
Press Shift twice
Ctrl + F
Find next
Find previous
Shift + F3
Ctrl + R
Find action
Ctrl + Shift + A
Search by symbol name
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
Find class
Ctrl + N
Find file (instead of class)
Ctrl + Shift + N
Find in path
Ctrl + Shift + F
Open file structure pop-up
Ctrl + F12
Navigate between open editor tabs
Alt + Right/Left Arrow
Jump to source
F4 / Ctrl + Enter
Open current editor tab in new window
Shift + F4
Recently opened files pop-up
Ctrl + E
Recently edited files pop-up
Ctrl + Shift + E
Go to last edit location
Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Close active editor tab
Ctrl + F4
Return to editor window from a tool window
Hide active or last active tool window
Shift + Esc
Go to line
Ctrl + G
Open type hierarchy
Ctrl + H
Open method hierarchy
Ctrl + Shift + H
Open call hierarchy
Ctrl + Alt + H

Version Control / Local History

Commit project to VCS
Ctrl + K
Update project from VCS
Ctrl + T
View recent changes
Alt + Shift + C
Open VCS popup
Alt + ` (backq­uote)



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