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Wifite v2 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Wifite v2 is a Linux only tool for wireless network packet capture, and cracking, in an all-in-one automated tool.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Verbose output
-v | --verbose
shows additional output
interface selection
-i [interface name]
selects the interface to useaffic
channel selection
-c [channel number(s)]
input channel numbers you would like scanned. can be single or range or combin­ation eg. 1,4-8
infinite attack
-inf, --infinite
random MAC
-mac, --rand­om-mac [ma:ca­:dd­:re:ss]
randomizes mac address for attacking machine
attack all targets timer: Pillage
-p [time in seconds]
attack all targets after a specified scan time in seconds
kill confli­cting processes
kill any processes interf­ering with monitor mode
attack based on signal strength
-pow, --power [power­_level]
attack any access points with at least "­X" power
skip password cracking, capture only
don't attempt to crack handshakes that are captured
number of targets to attack
-first [number of targets]
attacks only a specified number of targets
ignore prior targets
-ic, --igno­re-­cracked
hide targets that were previously attacked
show targets with clients only
only attack targets with clients connected to them for handshakes
do not deauth­ent­icate targets
do not deauth­ent­icate any targets, passive collection of handshakes only
return interface to managed mode
exit monitor mode and return to managed mode


show only WEP networks
show only WPA networks
show networks with WPS enabled
focus attacks to WPS only
don't use PMKID capture

Misc switches

retain the IVS files and reuse when cracking passowrd
specify dictionary file
--dict [file]
use bully program for WPS pin cracking
use reaver for WPS password cracking
keep going if AP locks from WPS attack
show previously cracked access points
check a .CAP file for captured handshakes
--check [file-­path]