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from Gamestop to Gamestonk Cheat Sheet by

Basic guide to Gamestonk Short Squeeze

Gamestop Logo

Basics, Actors, Concepts

American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. NYSE: GME
Investors who buy and hold shares of Gamestop, retarded and stubborn
Some inversion companies who made the fatal error of short Gamestop, causing themself enormous losses
Well, this need some more detailed explan­ation, see below
A comunity of internet users. See­ddi­t.c­om/­r/S­upe­rstonk
A type of inversion, You buy a share and hope goes up
A type of speculation, You don't have a share, you ask someone to lend it to you. Sell it, rebuy it later. And return it to his original propietary paying interest.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commis­sion. No commen­ts....
A financial contract to buy shares
A financial contract to sell shares
Dark Pools
Privately organized financial forum or exchange for trading securities
Financial shenan­igans (secret or dishonest activi­ties)
This is the way!
A way of life, Buy & Hodl, be happy, patiently wait, help each others, learn
Megahero legendary investor Keith Gill
Ryan Cohen
Megahero legendary entrep­reneur, CEO of GameStop
American stock exchange
Buy and hodl, and DRS
The 'system'. Simply: buy shares, register a part and wait...
Any error? Please, let me know to fix it. Thanks in advance

A little history notes

1 First, reddit is an online network of communities known as subreddits. r/WallStreetBets is a large subreddit where members generally share high risk investments, a mythical figure at the center of r/WallStreetBets and GameStop is a user called u/DeepFuckingValue. As far as September 2019 he had roughly invested $50k in calls of GameStop (call options = contract to buy a security in the future at a specified price and date) now his ownership is up to 200,000 GameStop shares. Well played, Keith. I like the stock too.
Read about Value Investing...

2 Second Ryan Cohen (Legendary Investor Who Made $3 Billion Almost Overnight) decide get into Gamestop. Seeing an oportunity to transform it. Cohen’s goal is to push the company rapidly into ecommerce. Now the company has ZERO DEBT, PLENTY CASH money on the box, and so on...

3 Third A company bet doomed by Hedgies, heavily shorted now by surprise is on the way to a bright future. Things changes, sometimes light velocity.

4 Fourth Shorts must cover. The sad truth for Hedgies. Eventually this must happen. The situation can be prolonged in time but not indefinitely. The chain losses for shorters will be astronomicals. Crazy gains for longs investors. The longer it lasts in time, the greater snowball will be. Simply financial thermodynamics. Or financial entropy if you want to call it that way.

5 Fith Almost all of the float is in the hands of individual investors who buy and hold and DRS. They even don't care if it goes up or down. If it goes up they 'hodl'. If it drops take it as an opportunity to buy more. They wait patiently for the MOASS. The greatest squeeze of all times.

6 Sixth The really BIG KEY. Hedgies still are in. Deeply shorted still inside. Several times the amount of the float. Which is a real madness. (Madness?, this is Sparta!) But since the Hedgies never intended to cover, they got inside more and more... and this is what there is now: A real financial black hole for the Hedgies and related and a Big Bang of money for investors. Wait and see....
Remember: Buy, Hodl and DRS. Just this.

Financial Landscapes

(Hormo­zzadeh) The situation in Gamestop is pretty simple. There is no suply of stock and there is a massive demand because short sellers need to cover and new buyers coming every single day. Stock should go higher and higher until demand satisfied. Period.

There are several scenarios, IMHO what is about to happen:

First: Time passes and apparently nothing happens. Well, not so, prices go up or down. Snowball get greater and greater, tic tac, until BANG!!! Because this situation is not stable. Only cuestion of time.

Second: Investors decide to shoot themselves in the foot by selling the shares, Shorts can cover cheap... sorry Hedgies, this is not going to happen because investors have nothing to lose and much to gain. Simply waiting..

Third: The MOASS, Margie Call, gimme my money... This is by far the most likely scenario. Just matter of time. May US financial system put a limit to max price? nobody knows...! some are talking about 30 millions US $ a share or more, some infinity. Buy a cristal ball and say $1 million a share to avoid a systemic crash. The US government makes a lot of money from taxes, the problem is solved and so on...

Actually, there are a lot of factors that are leading us to the MOASS: the float shrinks, stock record (DRS), beta, NFT, increa­singly positive results of the company every quarter, quarterly losses of the Hedgies ... MOASS is near.
Third scenario is higly specul­ative because nobody knows what is about to happen except that share price is gonna goes up to the moon and shorts must cover. Apes begin to change the world for good with their actions, gently helping other, etc.

Top 5 GME shorts: Simples, Susque­hanna, Citadel, Jane Street, Wolverine.

Your Secret Weapon

Tell everybody the truth Read, Learn by yourself, Think!
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free
John 8:32

Good APE

It is implicity assumed that an APE:
* Is going to dedicate a portion of the benefits of its invest­ments to the common good, helping others and the benefit of the planet.
* Is going to be discreet and gentle.
* Does not make its investment against anyone or anything but for the benefit of himself, family, friends and its enviro­nment.
Unwritten clauses. This is a voluntary commit­ment. No obligation of any kind. Each person is free to do what he pleases with his money. However, this is what an good APE does.


This is really great...BOOM! is coming.
NFT ethereum token may be used to verify propierty, dividends, games, digital econom­y....

Register with Comput­ershare

This is very important. The master key to MOASS.
Apes are starting to register most of their shares on comput­ers­hare.
Why? To lock the float.
The objective is that the total float (100%) is duly registered and guaran­teed. Showing the monstrous amount of synthetic stocks on the market. After this happens, you know what will happen ......
BANG! To the Moon and beyond....
Direct Regist­ering Shares (DRS) is taking a security and regist­ering that security in your name which is then held on the books of the transfer agent or the company (GameS­top).
Read this (credit goes to reddit u/Criand):

Register Now!

Spread the word...

Notice: Not a Financial Advise

Gamestonk Logo


Disinf­orm­ation media. 'Hype false bad news to down price stock'
Manipulate Stock Price
To Down: Sell in open market, buy in dark pools on fixed prices
Hide Puts on ETFs
Pack shorts with other stocks
Kick the can
Go on shorts on later dates. Making the snowball greater
Block buys of stock upon going up
Some companies are on litigation for causing loses
Lend your shares
Use your stock to temporary sells or buys or collateral making you lose money. Sometimes you even don't know this is happening, take a look to your broker contract.
Use of privileged inform­ation
Reorder of stock orders, slow orders, pack buys or sells on some criteria, priorize clients, etc.
Buy Puts, no intention to cover
The objetive is crash down the corpor­ation with some combined attacks. And make good money with the puts.
Failure to deliver
Inability of a party to deliver a tradable asset, or meet a contra­ctual obligation
High Frecuency Trading. Unfair advantage
Over the counter / Off exchange trading Darkpool abuse
A company is said to be overle­veraged when it is carrying too much debt when compared to its operating cash flows and equity.
Rehypo­the­cation is a practice whereby banks and brokers use, for their own purposes, assets that have been posted as collateral by their clients
Naked short selling
Naked shorting is the illegal practice of short selling shares that have not been affirm­atively determined to exist. Ordina­rily, traders must borrow a stock, or determine that it can be borrowed before they sell it short. Due to various loopholes in the rules, and discre­pancies between paper and electronic trading systems, naked shorting continues to happen.
... more fuckeries
We could go on and on.... forever. Take a look yourself on Internet
All this inform­ation has been collected searching by Internet. All is public. These are techni­ques, no implicit acusation to anyone or it. SEC is to avoid this. Are used by some companies to their profit? I don't know. I am just a humble reader.

See also... read more about ....

The legendary MOASS

With more of 140% (some say 400%) of float shorted, is obvious that the MOASS (Mother of All Shorts Squeezes) is an eventual scenario for price shares of Gamestop.
This is the name of the short squeeze of GameStop Inc (NYSE: GME) .
You can read about it here:
An example is the movie "The Big Short"
According to Thomson Reuters GameStop has a short squeeze score of 100. That is the maximum it can get. Starmine short interest model. They provide this score to Thomson Reuters.


Rocket to the Moon!


¿WTF is beta?
Beta is an indicator, a measure of a stock's volatility in relation to the overall market. The larger the magnitude of the beta value, the more volatile the stock is.
For example, if a stock has a beta value of 1, if the market goes up by +0.5%, the stock is EXPECTED to move by +0.5% too (assuming no manipu­lation and weird stuff).
The effect of short selling on a positi­ve-beta stock will be to give the stock a negative beta. Otherwise, in normal situat­ions, there cannot be a negative beta stock because it is only theore­tically possible, not actually possible.

Hedgies in the Land of Desper­ation

Abandon hope all ye who enter here, Dante (Inferno),
This is where Hedgies are now... The Economic Doom Inferno. They enter when they short the stock.

Hedge funds desper­ately hope investors will get bored or tired
Neither happens nor it will happen.
Hedgies lost all hope when the shorted even if they resist cause they are fighting against Nash Equili­brium.
Why? When you have little to lose and a lot to gain ... will you wait or not?

Hedgies believed themself invuln­era­bles, they shorted and doomed many companies (Radio Shack, Blockb­uster, Sears, Toys R Us...) earning huge amounts of money. Now they are doomed. Karma is a bitch. Margie is dialing to call....
Nash equili­brium or why Adam Smith was wrong...


Not a financial advice. You are adult, make your own decisions!
There is no we or us only you o yous....
This reference sheet is for your consid­era­tion. It contains only inform­ation. It may not be free of errors. It has Zero recomm­end­ations. There are no coordi­nated actions or group decisions. In other words, any investor acts indivi­dually and is respon­sible for the conseq­uences of their choices.

Knocked Down

Solaise Capital
Peak $400 million. January 12, 2021
Tybourne Capital Management
$2.8 Billion Hedge Fund Dec.15 2021
Anchorage Capital
$7.4 Billion Hedge Fund Dec.15 2021
White Square
$440 million in assets June 22, 2021
Melvin Capital
$7.8 billion (Apr. 2022)
Tiger Legatus
$203 millions
List of Hedge Funds out of business. No implicit nor explicit causes detailed.
Plus Greensill Capital and Archegos Capital Manage­ment, and keep on and on and on....
Another one bite the dusk....
See, as an example: https:­//m­ark­ets.bu­sin­ess­ins­ide­r.c­om/­new­s/s­toc­ks/­gam­est­op-­hed­ge-­fun­d-l­oss­es-­whi­te-­squ­are­-ca­pit­al-­clo­ses­-do­wn-­202­1-6­?op=1

Version 1.3

Sugges­tions are welcome. Post your comments.
God bless you. Be patient as Asmodel, the angel of patience be with you.
Monday 20 , June 2022.... MOASS is coming soon, fasten your seat bealts...


Don´t be shy... say something....
Jorge Juan

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