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Dominant Species Cheat Sheet by

Player aid for Dominant Species Board Game

Initia­tive: Move up in Turn Order

Swap animal’s initiative marker with that of the animal directly to the left of it.
Place the AP that was just removed into any vacant eyeball space.

Adapta­tion: Add element to your animal display

Select one of the elements currently present. The chosen element is placed on that animal’s display.
(Amphi­bians start with 3 elements instead of two.)

Regres­sion: preserve an element on animal display

Automatic: For each element type, every animal removes one matching element disk from its animal display. Cannot remove default (starting) elements.
AP: prevents one such element from being removed from that animal.
Reptiles get one free action.

Abundance: add element to earth

Remove one element from the action display and place it on a vacant corner of any tile of earth.

Wasteland: Remove element(s) from tundra tiles

AP-Remove one element from the Wasteland Box.
Automatic-Remove all elements from tundra tiles that match element type(s) still present in the Wasteland Box.

Depletion: Remove element from earth

Select one element disk on earth that matches an element type in the Depletion Box. The chosen element disk is removed from earth.

Glacia­tion: convert earth to tundra, score VPs

Left-most AP:
Select a non-tundra tile adjacent to at least one other tundra tile.
Tempor­arily remove all species from the chosen tile.
Place a new tundra tile on top of the chosen tile.
Remove all elements from earth surrounded by exactly three tundra tiles.
Gain bonus VPs based on the number of existing tundra tiles adjacent to the newlyp­laced tile.
Only one of each animal species is placed back on the new tundra tile (others go back to players’ gene pools).
All other APs slide left during the Reset Phase.

Specia­tion: Add species to earth

Choose any one element on earth that matches the AP space. Place new species onto X adjacent tiles, according to terrain number.
Insects may place a single species onto any one tile of earth.

Wander­lust: Add terrain to earth, score VPs

Select one face-up terrain tile.
Place one face-up terrain tile on a vacant hex adjacent to at least one existing terrain tile on earth.
May select one Wanderlust element disk and place it onto any vacant corner of the newly-­placed tile.
Gain bonus VPs based on number of existing tiles adjacent to newly-­placed tile.
All: in food-chain order, may move all, some or none of species currently adjacent to newly placed tile onto that tile.

Migration: move species to adjacent tiles

Select up to X species anywhere on earth, move them onto adjacent tiles. Species moving from the same tile may move to different adjacent tiles.
Birds may migrate up to two tiles away.

Domina­tion: VPs for most species on tile

Select one tile on earth not yet chosen for Domination this turn. Animal(s) with the most species on that tile gain VPs according to terrain type and rank. Ties are broken in food chain order.
If there is a dominant animal on scored tile, that player must execute one face-up Dominance Card.
When the Ice Age card is selected, game will end at the conclusion of current turn.

Compet­ition: eliminate opposing species

Choose up to 1 tile of each 3 terrain types adjacent to AP. Each terrain tile must contain a least one player species and at least one opposing species. Eliminate 1 opposing species on each tile.
Arachnids get one free first compet­ition on a single tile of any terrain.


Extinc­tion: Eliminate all endangered species. (No tile elements match animal elements.)
Mammals may automa­tically save one endangered species from Extinc­tion.
Survival: Player with most species on Tundra tiles (holder of Survival Card) gains bonus VPs per number of Tundra tiles. Number of species on each tile is irrele­vant.
Dominance Cards: Refill available piles.
Glacia­tion: Slide APs left.
Regres­sion, Depletion, Wander­lust: Remove all elements.
Wasteland Box: Slide all elements down into Depletion Box.
Abundance: Slide all elements down into Wasteland Box.
Adapta­tion: Slide all elements down into Regression Box.
Adapta­tion, Abundance, Wander­lust: Refill elements.
Flip top tile of each stack face up.

End of Game

Finish remainder of Domination actions, if any.
Perform Extinc­tion. Eliminate all endangered species. (No tile elements match animal’s elements.) Mammals may automa­tically save one endangered species from Extinc­tion.
Score Survival Card. Player with most species on Tundra tiles gains bonus VPs per number of Tundra tiles. Number of species on each tile is irrele­vant.
Remove all Domination markers from earth. Score each tile of earth one last time per Domination Phase, but do not award further Dominance Cards to dominant animals.
Highest VP total wins. Use food chain order to break ties.


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