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Syntax cheat sheet for DokuWiki


====== Headline ======
Level 1 section header.
===== Headline =====
Level 2 section header.
==== Headline ====
Level 3 section header.
=== Headline ===
Level 4 section header.
== Headline ==
Level 5 section header.
Disable table of contents on this page.

Text Formatting

Formatting can be combined.


Link to another page.
Link to an external URL.
[[pagename|link text]]
Link using alternate text.
Link to a page in another namespace.
Link to a specific heading of a page.
Link to a Windows share.
Mailto link.


Display image.
Display image from another namespace.
Resize image to given width.
Resize image to given width and height.
Image as URL link.
{{image.png  }}
Left-j­ust­ified image.
{{  image.png}}
Right-­jus­tified image.
{{  image.png  }}
Centered image.


- List item
Ordered list item.
* List item
Unordered list item.
* Level 1
  * Level 2
List levels can be created by indenting with whites­pace.


^ Header ^ Header ^
Header cells (^ as delimi­ter).
| Cell | Cell |
Regular cells (pipe as delimi­ter).
| A1 | B1 |
| colspan ||
Column spanning (double pipe).
| A1 | rowspan |
| A2 | ::: |
Row spanning (triple colon).
|left  |­ ­ ­rig­ht|­ ­ ­cen­ter­ ­ |
Cell alignment (use whites­pace).

Code Blocks

Double space at start of line
Code block.
Code block.
Code block.
<code php><\code>
Syntax highli­ghted code block.
<file php><\file>
Syntax highli­ghted code block.
<file php myfile.php></file>
Downlo­adable code block.

Other Formatting

Empty line
New paragraph.
Forced\\ linebreak
Force linebreak.
Horizontal rule.
> Quote
>> Deeper quote
>>> Even deeper quote
Quotation blocks.
<nowiki>No formatting</nowiki>
Ignore text format­ting.
%%No formatting%%
Ignore text format­ting.
((Footnote text))
Creates a numbered footnote.
-> <- <-> (c) (tm) (r)
Special characters (arrows, copyright, etc.)
:) :| :(
Emoticons are converted to graphical smileys.

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