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====== Headline 1 ======
Headline 1
===== Headline 2 =====
Headline 2
==== Headline 3 ====
Headline 3
=== Headline 4 ===
Headline 4
== Headline 5 ==
Headline 5

Font Formatting

' 'monos­paced' '
And any combin­ation from this


External Link
External Link with Name
Internal Link
Internal Link with Namespaces
Link direct to Section
Windows Shares


Real Size Image
Resize image to given width
Resize to given width an height
External Image
{{ wiki:i­mag­e.png}}
Left Image
{{wiki:image.png }}
Right Image
{{ wiki:i­mag­e.png }}
Center Image


* Text
Unordered List
- Text
Ordered list


Code View
<code php>
Code with PHP Syntax Highli­ghting
<code php exam.p­hp>
Downlo­adable Code with PHP Syntax Highli­ghting

Syntax Highli­ghting Languages (GeSHi)

Available Lanugages:
ABAP, Action­script, ADA, Apache Log, AppleS­cript, APT source­s.list, ASM (m68k), ASM (pic16), ASM (x86), ASM (z80), ASP, AutoIT, Backus­-Naur form, Bash, Basic4GL, BlitzB­asic, Brainfuck, C, C for Macs, C#, C++, C++ (with QT), CAD DCL, CadLisp, CFDG, CIL / MSIL, COBOL, ColdFu­sion, CSS, D, Delphi, Diff File Format, DIV, DOS, DOT language, Eiffel, Fortran, FourJ's Genero, FreeBasic, GetText, glSlang, GML, gnuplot, Groovy, Haskell, HQ9+, HTML, INI (Config Files), Inno, INTERCAL, IO, Java, Java 5, Javasc­ript, KiXtart, KLone C & C++, LaTeX, Lisp, LOLcode, LotusS­cript, LScript, Lua, Make, mIRC, MXML, MySQL, NSIS, Objective C, OCaml, OpenOffice BASIC, Oracle 8 & 11 SQL, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pixel Bender, PL/SQL, POV-Ray, PowerS­hell, Progress (OpenEdge ABL), Prolog, ProvideX, Python, Q(uick­)BASIC, robots.txt, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SAS, Scala, Scheme, Scilab, SDLBasic, Smalltalk, Smarty, SQL, T-SQL, TCL, thinBasic, TypoSc­ript, Uno IDL, VB.NET, Verilog, VHDL, VIM Script, Visual BASIC, Visual Fox Pro, Visual Prolog, Whites­pace, Winbatch, Windows Registry Files, X++, XML, Xorg.conf

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Thanks. Nevertheless, some suggestions:
- Font Formatting
- **Bold** syntax is not correctly written.
- No formatting missing (%%%% or <nowiki>)
- Quoting missing ( >)
- Simleys/FIXME/Txt2Html missing
- Links
- Interwiki links missing
- Table missing
- Basic macros missing : ~~NOTOC~~, ~~NOCACHE~~

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