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QC Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Cheat Sheet to help QC Members

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Starting a New Project

Confirm access on JIRA project space, design, and user stories.
Confirm the releas­e/fix version.
Obtain Site Admin access with proper creden­tials on LastPass.
Confirm general permis­sions on account.
Open a test session with the proper naming.
Create your project component sheet.

Testing Search Functi­onality

Not to be able to search empty field.
Search does not submit before clicking enter.
Search results page displays correct info based on keyworkd words.

Testing Permis­sions for Site Admin

Accessing Full Content management permis­sions (Add/M­odi­fy/­Delete)
Accessing Full Files management permis­sions (Add/M­odi­fy/­Delete)
Accessing Full People management permis­sio­ns(­Add­/Mo­dif­y/D­elete)
Accessing Help Admin Page
Accessing Menus/­Nod­equ­eue­s/T­axonomy from Structure with full management permis­sions
Accessing IPE
Accessing the quick/­con­textual links (you know when you are logged in and hover on an item it will show up the config­uration "­gea­r" icon to edit or delete node)
Accessing SEO and Metatags
Accessing URL Aliases
Cancel account operation should be deleted from "­Web­mas­ter­" account

Creating a Ticket

Begin the test session.
Identify the bug or improv­ement.
Write a clear summary and descri­ption using screen­shots, STR's and expected results.
Assess the priority of the issue.
Add the Releas­e/Fix Version.
Add approp­riate labels to the issue.
Link to the main ticket if applic­able.
Mention Israa.
Assign to correct team member depending on the workflow.

Testing a Content Type

Check the content type descri­ption.
Check all the labels within the fields to have approp­riate capita­liz­ation.
Check the url alias pattern and metatags for the node.
Check permis­sions.
Check all view related to the content type.
All clickable images should have proper hover effects.
Check the node page for the content type.
Repeat for all content types.

General Items to Test

Site slogan and descri­ption
Logo is clickable
Other roles should not be able to edit or have access to to user1
Check for 404, 403 and mainte­nance pages
Check if images are always clickable
Check all breadc­rumbs to follow the menu path

Testing Popular Pages

Access Denied Page: use this "­"­/ad­min­"­" for 403 page access denied as anonymous user
Page Not Found: use this "­"­/ad­mi"" for 404 page not found as anonymous user
Mainte­nance Page: For mainte­nance page you need to ask the dev team to change the site's mode into Mainte­nance Mode after they do this you need to be anonymous to test this.

Checklist for Rare/U­ncommon Issues

User account name in browser tab.