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Fundamental Rights (India) Cheat Sheet by

Fundamental Rights are the rights that are mentioned in Part III of the Indian Constitution. Article 12-35. They are inspired from the Bill of Rights (USA).


Magna Carta of India
Not absolute
Directs the state about it's respon­sib­ilities
Available to citizens only - 15, 16, 19, 29, 30
Protects vertically against the state
Most of them are self-e­xec­utory

Article 13

Article 13 - deals with the amenab­ility of FRs
Expres­sively provides doctrine of Judicial Review
All the laws that are incons­istent with or in derogation of any FR shall be void.

Right to Equality (Art 14-18)

Art 14
Art 15
Art 16
Art 17
Art 18
Equality Before Law
Prohib­ition of discri­min­ation
Equality of opport­unities of public employment
Abolishes practice of untouc­hab­ility
Abolition of titles
Equal Protection of law

Article 12

Definition of State for interp­reting the Fundam­ental Rights.
Note: It is not applicable to any other part of the Consti­tution, only applicable for part III.

Right to Freedom (Art 19 - 22)

Art 19
Art 20
Art 21
Art 22
FOSE, assembly, associ­ation, movement, residence & occupation
Protection in respect to conviction of offenses
Right to Life
Protection from arrest + detention

Cultural and Educat­ional Rights (Art 29 - 30)

Art 29
Art 30
Protection of interests of minorities
Right of minorities to establish and administer educat­ional instit­utions
Linguistic and religious

Right against Exploi­tation (Art 23 - 24)

Art 23
Art 24
Prohib­ition of traffic in human beings and forced labor
Prohib­ition of employ­ments of children in factories, etc

Art 33

Power of Parliament to modify the rights conferred by this part in their applic­ation to forces, etc.

Art 34

Restri­ction on rights conferred in this part while martial law is in force in any area

Art 35

Legisl­ation to give effect to the provisions of this part

Consti­tut­ional Remedies (Art 32)

5 writs issued by SC
Article 226 - writs issued by HC

Right to Property (Art 31)

Removed by the 44th Amendment, 1978
Added in the section 300A of legal rights

Right to Freedom of Religion (Art 25-28)

Art 25
Art 26
Art 27
Art 28
Freedom of conscience and free PPP of religion
Freedom to manage religious affairs
Freedom from payment of taxes for promotion of any religion
Freedom from attending any religious instru­ction
PPP - Profes­sion, Practice & Propag­ation
Note: group rights
or worship in educat­ional instit­utions
Note: Individual rights


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