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  • A Mechatronics Engineer with experience in Machine learning, and Software development. Self-taught, professional and motivated by challenging projects.
  • Cheatographer since 4 July, 2020.


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Cheat Sheets By ilyes64

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Like any other language or tool, Python has some best practices to follow before, during, and after the process of writing your code. These make the code readable and create a standard across the industry. Other developers working on the project should be able to read and understand your code.
11 Aug 20
python, code, software, engineering, best and 3 more ...
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A virtual environment is a Python tool for dependency management and project isolation. They allow Python site packages (third party libraries) to be installed locally in an isolated directory for a particular project.
4 Jul 20
python, poetry, virtualenv, conda, anaconda and 2 more ...