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Cisco NT Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Cisco Basic Commands

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Basic Mode Switch Commands

Router> enable
Privileged EXEC
Router# configure terminal
Global Config­uration
Router­(co­nfig)# interface G0/1
Interface Config­uration G0/1
Router­(co­nfig)# interface type sub interface number
Sub-In­terface Config­uration
back one mode
<Sh­ift> and <Ct­rl> and 6 then x
Suspend or abort

Info Commands

show ip protocols
Show Routing protocol infos
debug ip rip
enable rip update infos every 30a
show hosts
show configured hosts
show interface brief
show current interface config for all interfaces
show version
View version inform­ation
show runnin­g-c­onfig
View current config­uration (DRAM)
show startu­p-c­onfig
View startup config­uration (NVRAM)
show flash
Show IOS file and flash space
show log
Shows all logs that the router has in its memory
show interface e0
View the interface status of interface e0
show cdp neighbor
Display a summary of connected cdp devices
show cdp entry *
Display detailed inform­ation on all devices
show ip protocols
Display current routing protocols
show ip route
Display IP routing table
show access­-lists
Display access lists, this includes the number of displayed matches
show frame-­relay map
Display the frame inverse ARP table
show frame-­relay pvc
Check a Frame Relay PVC connec­tions
show frame-­relay lmi
show lmi traffic stats
all in Router#

Basic Config

Router­(co­nfig)# ip host HOST IPADDRESS
add new host with ip=IPA­DDRESS
Router# copy runnin­g-c­onfig startu­p-c­onfig
save running config­uration in NVRAM
Router# erease startu­p-c­onfig
delete startup config, after next restart router will be back to default
add static route to remote network with specific cost

Interface Config

Router­(co­nfig)# int s0/1
open interface s0/1
Router­(co­nfi­g-if)# ip address IPADDRESS SUBNETMASK
set IP address of interface
Router­(co­nfi­g-if)# no shut
change interface to up

Routing (RIP)

Router­(co­nfig)# router rip
enable rip
Router­(co­nfi­g-r­outer)# version 2
rip version
Router­(co­nfi­g-r­outer)# network IPADDRESS
add network to rip routing (IPADDRESS = Netzad­resse)
Router­(co­nfi­g-r­outer)# neighbor IPADDRESS
Defines a neighb­oring device with which to exchange routing inform­ation
Router­(co­nfi­g-r­outer)# no auto-s­ummary
turn off auto-s­ummary
passive-interface g0/0
prevent the interface
from sending out routing updates TO g0/0 but
allow the interface to receive updates FROM g0/0
Router­(co­nfi­g-r­outer)# end
back to privileged exec

Reihen­folge Config

Interface "­auß­en" (Richtung Endgerät)
Interface "­inn­en"