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Voice & Text Messaging Cheat Sheet by



1) Check eCW Global Alerts (check if patient has already declined)
2) Approach Patient (Refer to "When Consenting Patien­ts")
3) Confirm Patient Phone #
4) Obtain Consent for either voice OR text messaging (not both)
5) Activate Patient on eCM
6) Scan Consent Form into Patient Chart
7) Deactivate Patient if Patient Opts-out (within 48 hours) and create a note in global alerts

When Consenting Patients (Talking Points):

We are now offering a new service where you can receive appoin­tment reminders through text OR voice messages (only one, not both)
In the future, we will use this service to send health tips such as screen­ings, health mainte­nance and more!
If you are intere­sted, please sign this consent form.
Depending on your phone service provider or plan, you may be charged for these messages.
Please be aware that family member­s/f­rie­nds­/st­rangers may be able to hear or view your messages.
Please do not respond to these messages; if you have any questions or would like to stop receiving these messages, call our clinic office.
You can cancel these messages at any time.
Please also let us know as soon as possible if you lose your cell phone so we know to stop sending these messages.
To make sure we have enrolled the correct phone number, could you please tell me your current phone number? (cell or home depending on text or voice messages)


All messages are recorded in patients' medical records. All staff are expected to use approp­riate and profes­sional language.


Available Languages?
English and Spanish
When will I receive the appoin­tment reminders?
Appoin­tment reminders will be sent out 1 day before your scheduled appoin­tment with time, date and location.
What kind of health tips will I get?
An example of a helpful tip (sent in the future) is letting you know that it's flu season and we invite you to come in for your flu shot. Other examples include getting inform­ation about the importance of getting a mammogram, cancer screening, diet, nutrition, etc.
How often will I get voice/text messages?
In addition to appoin­tment reminders, you will receive no more than 2-3 voice/text messages per month.
Can I get voice/text messages for my children's appoin­tments?
As of now, we can only sent out voice/text messages to adult patients, ages 18 and above. We apologize for any inconv­eni­ence.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel anytime by calling our health clinic and letting our staff members know.
Can I receive these messages from other clinic­s/h­ealth centers?
Please ask your other clinic­s/h­ealth centers if this service is available. Certain clinics cannot send these messages due to sensitive services provided (ie. mental health, substance abuse etc.)

Scan Patient Consent

Scan and Save under: Patient Documents -> Consent Forms
Name file as: "Date Name-C­lin­ic" (ie. 2015-10-30 eCM-ENT)


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