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A list of current Twitch commands for ALL users.


/mod (username)
Promote username to moderator.
/unmod (username)
Remove username's moderator status.
/vip (username)
Grant VIP status to username
/unvip (username)
Remove VIP status from username
Show channel rules.

Editors and Broadc­aster

Runs a 30 second ad. Affili­ate­/Pa­rtner Only.
/comme­rcial [30/60­/90­/12­0/1­50/180]
Same as above, but for specified seconds.
Manage Sub of Follower goal.
Manage predic­tions.
/host (channel)
Host channel.
Stop hosting channel.
/raid (channel)
Raid channel.
Cancel the raid.
/marker (descr­iption)
Add marker at current timestamp.


Display a list of all chat modera­tors.
/gift X
Gift X number of Subs.
Display a list of VIPs.
Vote in active poll.
/color (color name)
Change username color. Can be HEX value.
/block (username)
Block messages from username
/unblock (username)
Unblock messages from username
Disconnect from chat server.
/w (username) (message)
Send a private message to username.
@username (message)
Mention username in chat message.

Broadc­aster and Moderators

/announce (message)
Highlights message in chat.
/monitor (username)
Monitor a users messages.
/unmonitor (username)
Stop monitoring a users messages.
/restrict (username)
Restrict a users messages.
/unres­trict (username)
Stop restri­cting a users messages.
/user (usrename)
Open a users profile card.
/timeout (username)
Times username out for 10 minutes.
/timeout (username) X
TImeout username for X seconds.
/ban (username)
Ban a user.
/unban (username)
Unban a user.
/slow X
Users can only message once every X seconds.
Turn off the Slowmode.
Follower only chat.
Turn off follower only chat.
Subscriber only chat.
Turn off subscriber only chat.
Clear chat history.
Manage Channel Points request queue.
Cuts down on spam and copy-p­aste.
Turn off unique chat.
Turn on emote only chat.
Turn off emote only chat.
Create a poll.
End the active poll.
Deletes the active poll.


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