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WIP GTS RPG Cheat Sheet for Combat System


This cheat sheet is intended to supplement the GTS RPG Combat Codex, which is a more detailed version of the rules and includes descri­ptions on abilities and so on. The GTS RPG Combat Codex can be found at https:­//d­ocs.go­ogl­e.c­om/­doc­ume­nt/­d/1­rza­Ocv­4GG­okz­Fug­syZ­1Kj­hB0­AfY­NQH­IrQ­O1G­oHd­Ubo­c/e­dit­?us­p=s­haring

This document and the accomp­anying codex are not official and is presented as a proof of concept for consid­eration by GTS RPG DMs.

Standard Roll Commands

$roll 1d20
Rolls a single d20 dice
$roll 1d20 adv
Rolls a single d20 dice with advantage
$roll 1d20 dis
Rolls a single d20 with disadv­antage
$roll 2d6
Rolls two d6s (a common damage roll)
$roll 1d20+1
Rolls a single d20 dice, adding 1 to the result

Avaliable Actions

On each turn you may:
Attack, cast a spell, use an ability, etc
Run, climb, hide, fly, etc
Preform a special action that meets certain condit­ions, this can be done anytime, even outside your turn but only 1 reaction can be triggered per triggering event, you cannot trigger two reactions on the same event

Common Rolls

Attack Roll
Success on meeting or exceeding target's AC
Damage Roll
Only rolled after succeeding on an Attack Roll, damage dice roll defined by weapon or ability
Saving Throw
Success on meeting or exceeding a set save target
Contested Roll
Highest roll between contes­tants wins, if tied the attacker wins
Ability Check
Success on exceeding set difficulty by GM or defined in ability

Size Categories and Size Scores

Charac­ter's Height
Charac­ter's Size Category
Size Score
Smaller than 3cm
3cm to 18cm
19cm to 1.1m
1.2m to 2.5m
2.5m to 8.9m
9m to 29m
30m to 79m
80m to 239m
240m to 500m

Size Difference (SD)

To calculate the SD between you and another character, take your charac­ter's size score and subtract the other charac­ter's size score from it. If you get a negative number, make it a positive.
When you are bigger than the other character, each point of SD between you and them gives you -1 AC and -10% damage taken when targeted by attacks from that character. (Upto a maximum of -5 AC and -50% damage taken) When you target that character with an attack, for each point of SD between you and them they will gain +1 AC to defend against your attack but take +10% extra damage. (Upto a maximum of +5 AC and +50% damage taken)
When you are smaller than the other character, each point of SD between you and them gives you +1 AC to defend against their attacks and +10% damage taken from their attacks. (Upto a maximum of +5 AC and +50% damage taken) When you target that character with an attack, for each point of SD between you and them they will lose -1 AC to defend against your attacks but take 10% less damage from your attacks. (Upto a maximum of -5 AC and -50% damage taken)

Scaling Counter (SC) and Climbing

You can climb a larger character where there is at least 2 SD between you and that character.

When you scale a larger character, you start with a value of 1 to your SC (unless a friendly larger character allows you to start with an SC of 2)

Moving up or down 1 SC requires you to use your turn's movement. If your SC becomes 0, you dismount the larger character. If you move up, you gain +1 SC while if you move down you lose -1 SC.

For every 2 SC you have, you reduce the effective SD between you and the larger character for the purpose of damage reduction by 1 SD. So a Naara size category character climbing a Tyrant who has an 5 SC would do 70% damage to a Tyrant size category character instead of 50%.

When climbing a larger character, you have disadv­antage to attack anyone that isnt also climbing the larger character or the larger character itself. Other characters have disadv­antage on to attack you unless they are also climbing the same character or they are using an unarmed strike. All unarmed strike attacks against you have advantage while you are climbing and if you are hit by one, you will incur a -1 penalty to resist Shake Off attempts against you for the rest of that climb.

If the character you are climbing knocks you Prone during their turn, you are knocked off of them and fall to the ground. If you are knocked Prone by any other means, you are not knocked off but you cannot use any Movement actions for 1 turn.

If you jump off a character you are climbing yourself, you take damage equal to 10 + The level of the character you jumped off of + 10% for every 1 SC you had prior to jumping off.

Global Actions

Unarmed Attack
Using an action, you make a 1d20 melee attack roll against a character and deal 1d2+guts if it hits

Global Actions for Smaller Characters

Detect Weak Point
Using an action, you can target a larger character with at least 2 SD between you and detect the location of the lowest weakpoint to the ground of that creature, allowing it to be exploited. If you have allies, you can share this inform­ation with them as part of your action.
Weak Point Exploi­tation
Using an action, you target a known weak point of a character with at least 2 SD between you and attack it. If you attack in melee, you must be climbing the target. If you attack with a ranged attack, your attack needs to beat an AC of 9+½ SD. If your attack hits, it ignores any damage reduction effects (including SD)
Take Me Instead
When one of your allies is about to be pinned, you can use a reaction to roll a 1d20+c­unning (max bonus +5) check vs the pinning charac­ter's pin roll. If your roll is higher, you are pinned instead of your ally. If this roll fails by 5 or less, your ally is pinned. If you fail this roll by more than 5, both you and your ally are pinned and whenever the pinning character deals crush damage to one of you, both take the damage. You have advantage on this roll if your ally is smaller, but disadv­antage if your ally is bigger.
Find Cover
If you are being targetted by a larger character with a non-mental ability that deals damage on a failed save, you can use your reaction to add half the SD between you and the larger character to your saving throw. If your save still fails, the damage you take is reduced by 25%. If you succeed but that success still results in damage, that damage is reduced by 50%.
If you are pinned by a character, you can spend your entire turn squirming and struggling to escape. You must succeed a DC14 d20 save and if you do, you released from the pin and cannot be pinned again by that character for 1 round (3 in duels). If you fail, you will gain a +1 bonus to all escape attempts for the rest of this pin. This bonus is cumulative with itself, so after 3 failed attempts you have +3 to escape attempts.
If you are being pinned, you can use your action to make an unarmed or melee attack against your pinning foe. This attack automa­tically hits and ignores SD and any other source of damage resistance but its damage is reduced by 50%
Brace for Impact
If you are pinned by a character, you can use your action to reduce any damage you receive by a number equal to your level until the start of your next turn. You gain +2 to your first Struggle attempt on your next turn.

Global Actions for Larger Characters

If there is at least 1 SD between you and the target, you can use your action to make an attack roll (1d20+stat of choice) against a target's base AC. If you hit, you deal 1d3+guts or 1d3+cu­nning to your target and the target must roll a 1d20+guts check vs your 1d20+g­uts+SD check. If you win, the smaller fighter becomes prone. The damage you deal with this increases by 1d3 at level 4 and another 1d3 for every 3 levels thereafter
If there is at least 2 SD between you and at least 1 target, you can target any number of smaller characters by striking the ground with a body part or tool you have to create a shockwave. All characters must make a 1d20 saving throw (DC10+SD). If they succeed, they will take half of SD rounded up as damage. If they fail by 3 or less, they will take SD as damage. If they fail by 4 or more, they will take SD in damage and knocked Prone
If there is at least 2 SD between you and the target, you can use your action to make a 1d20 roll against a target's base AC. If you succeed you use one or multiple parts of your body to firmly pin your target against an object or your own body. Pinned targets are unable to Act or Move but can use special pinned actions. While they are pinned by you they are immune to all sources of damage except from you when using special abilities you get from pinning them. If your target escapes your pin, you cannot attempt to pin them again for 1 round (3 in duels)
If you are pinning a target, you can use your action to deal your crush damage to the target
Playful Squeeze
If you are pinning a target, you can use your action to deal half of your crush damage to the target and force the target to make a contested roll (you choose the attribute) and if you win, you impose a -2 penalty to their next Struggle attempt
Collab­orative Pin
If an ally is pinning another character and you would be able to pin that character normally, you can use your action to assist your ally with pinning and squishing a pinned target. If they are willing to accept your help, you deal half of your crush damage to the pinned character and impose a -2 penalty on your target’s attempts to escape the pin until you or you ally stops pinning them. If you dealt crush damage to a target using this ability, crush damage dealt to that target by your ally is halved for that round. If either character abandons the collab­orative pin, they are considered pinned by the remaining character and will no longer have the -2 penalty imposed on their attempts to escape
If your target is pinned by you and there is at least 3 SD between you and your target, you can use an action to throw them inside of your mouth (or similar orifice) They are still pinned but at the start of your next turn, you unlock the ability to Swallow them. If your target escapes this pin, they will escape your mouth
If your target is inside your mouth (or similar orifice), as a result of the Vore ability, you can freely attempt (no action required) to send everyone inside your mouth down to your stomach. You and your target(s) must make a contested guts roll (max bonus +5) and you swallow anyone who fails. Any targets who succeeds the contest remain pinned inside your mouth. If you used the crush action on your previous turn against them, you have advantage on this contested roll. Characters inside your stomach cannot leave by any means except for you letting them out or them damaging your stomach and forcing you to spit them out. Characters inside your stomach take 2d4+your level in digestion damage automa­tically at the start of their turn. A smaller character can force you to spit them out by doing damage to you equal to your Stomach HP. Your Stomach HP is equal to one quarter of your Maximum HP and attacks against your Stomach HP will automa­tically hit. If your Stomach HP reaches 0, you are forced to spit out all characters you have swallowed and each of them will get to make a single free weapon or free unarmed strike on your throat, which automa­tically hits and is treated as a weak point hit. Once a character has escaped from your stomach, they cannot be swallowed again for 3 turns (5 in duels)
Shake Off
If any creatures are climbing your body, you can use your action to attempt to knock off anyone who is currently climbing you. You can select specific parts of your body not to shake if you don’t want to shake off any allies. Anyone on a part of your body you are shaking must make a contested roll against you (max bonus +5), the climbers using guts or cunning for their roll while you use guts only. Climbers have a -1 penalty to this check for every unarmed attack made against them during that climbing session and a -1 penalty for every Shake Off contest roll they have succeeded against you previously during that climbing session. If you succeed in this contest roll, the climbers who fail are knocked off. You can immedi­ately attempt to Pin one of them as a free action, rolling to Pin them as normal. The rest will fall onto the ground and take half of your crush damage. Instead of adding the SD bonus to your crush damage, they take 10% extra crush damage for every SC they had prior to being knocked off


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