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how to study

taking notes

sets of notes
>qu­estion based
use visuals
color code
> flow
class/­tex­tbook combined
separate vocab
> outline
put it in your own words
>mind maps
>review guides


> take class notes
> make a review guide for every test
> take textbook notes
> make a master list for the exam
> combine the notes
> review flash cards daily


> use pomodoro technique
> prioritize
> do most difficult thing first
> split up work

active learning

> teach what you think you know
> ask yourself questions, answer them
> use spaced repetition

active reading

> pseudoskim
> read backwards
> ask questions
> pay attention to formatting

if tired

> drink water
> workout 20min
> move study position
> work on assign­ments for less time

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