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Example Test

using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
using ValidationLogic;

namespace UnitTests
    //Class Decorator
    public class EmailValidationTests
        private EmailValidationLogic _validationLogic;

        //Optional, rarely used. Executes before all tests in the assembly are run
        public static void AssemblyInit(TestContext context)

        //Optional, rarely used. Runs once before all the tests in this class run
        public static void TestFixtureSetup(TestContext context)

        //This code runs before each test
        public void Setup()
            _validationLogic = new EmailValidationLogic();

        //Optional, rarely used. Runs once after all tests in the assembly are run
        public static void AssemblyCleanup()

        //Optional, rarely used. This runs once after all the tests in this class are run
        public static void TestFixtureTearDown()

        //This is code runs after each test
        public void TearDown()

        //Example Test Method
        public void EmailShouldNotHaveMoreThanOneAtSymbol()
            bool expected = false;

            bool result = _validationLogic.IsEmailValid("");

            Assert.AreEqual(expected, result, "Email should not have more than one @");

        //Test Exception Being Thrown
        public void DivideMethodTest()
            int x = 1;
            int y = x/0;


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