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Gnome Keyboard Shortcuts by


Super + ↑
Maximize window
Super + ↓
Restore window
Alt + F4
Close window
Super + H
Hide window
Super + ←
View split on left
Super + →
View split on right
Alt + F7
Move window
Alt + F8
Resize window
Alt + F10
Toggle maximi­zation state
Alt + Space
Activate the window menu


Alt + F4 / Ctrl + W
Close Active Window
Ctrl + Q
Quit Applic­ation
Gear Menu
Ctrl + Tab
Switch to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to previous tab
Crtl + Shift + ?
Show shortcuts

Universal Access

Alt + Super + 8
Turn zoom on or off
Alt + Super + =
Zoom in
Alt + Super + -
Zoom out
Alt + Super + S
Toggle Screen Reader


Alt + F2
Show the run command prompt
Alt + F1 / Super
Show the activities overview
Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Log out
Super + L
Lock screen
Super + M
Show the message tray
Super + N
Focus the active notifi­cation
Super + A
Show all applic­ations
Super + F10
Open the applic­ation menu


Super + Space
Switch to next input source

Screen Capturing

Save a screenshot to file
Alt + Print
Save a screenshot of a window to file
Shift + Print
Save a screenshot of an area to file
Ctrl + Alt + Print
Copy a screenshot of a window to clipboard
Shift + Ctrl + Print
Copy a screenshot of an area to clipboard
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R
Start and end screencast recording


Super + Page Up
Move to workspace above
Super + Page Down
Move to workspace below
Shift + Super + Page Up
Move window one workspace up
Shift + Super + Page Down
Move window one workspace down
Shift + Super + End
Switch to last workspace
Shift + Super + Home
Switch to first workspace
Super + Tab
Switch applic­ations
Super + Shift + Tab
Switch to previous applic­ation
Super + Tab + <key above tab>
Switch to next window of the current applic­ation
Super + Shift + Tab + <key above tab>
Switch to previous window of the current applic­ation
Alt + Esc
Switch windows directly
Alt + F6
Switch windows of an applic­ation directly
Ctrl + Alt + Tab
Switch system controls
Ctrl + Alt + Esc
Switch system controls directly
Super + Shift + Left
Move Window to monitor left
Super + Shift + Right
Move Window to monitor right


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