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Urinary Tract Antiseptics

Urinary Tract Antise­ptics

Prototype Med
Other Meds
ACTION : Broad spectrum urinary antiseptic with bacter­ios­tatic and bacter­icidal action. It injures bacteria by damaging DNA.

Ther­apeutic Uses

Acute UTIs
Prophy­laxis for recurrent lower UTIs

Nursing Interv­ent­ions

Monito­r/R­eport GI Symptoms (may reduce or change)
Monito­r/R­eport Respir­atory Symptoms (may discon­tinue)
Monito­r/R­eport for Neuropathy
Monitor lab values of blood components
Monitor I&O and bowel function

Patient Education

Take with food or milk
Report dyspne­a/f­eve­r/cough to provider
Report numbne­ss/­tin­gli­ng/­wea­kness of extrem­ities
Report fatigu­e/b­rui­sin­g/r­epeated infections to provider
Swallow liquid suspension
Dilute liquid suspension
Rinse mouth after taking suspension


Concurrent use with antacids decrease absorption
Probenecid increases the chance of toxicity
Avoid drugs with potential for pulmonary toxicity

Adverse Drug Reacti­ons

Acute: Chills­/Fe­ver­/Cough (2-4 days)
Subacute: Shortness of breath (weeks to months)
Permanent peripheral neuropathy
Anemia­/He­molytic Anemia­/Th­rom­boc­yto­pen­ia/­Neu­tro­penia
Tooth Staining (liquid suspen­sion)
Brown Urine (harmless)
Pulmonary Distress


Oral Capsules (do not crush or chew)
Macrod­antin, Macrobid
Liquid Suspension (dilute in milk or juice)
Rinse mouth after taking liquid suspension


Allergy to nitrof­ura­ntoin
Impaired kidney function
History of jaundice caused by gallbl­adder disease
Pregnancy at more than 38 weeks’ gestation
During labor or delivery, lactating, infants -1 month


Asthma, Liver/­Kidney disease
Electr­olyte Imbalance
Vitamin B12 deficiency

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