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DM2 Hypoglycemia - Glucagon Cheat Sheet by

hypoglycemia from an insulin overdose

Medication Name


Therap­eutic Use

Hypogl­ycemia from an insulin overdose

Adverse Drug Reactions

Gastro­int­estinal effects (nausea, vomiting)

Nusing Interv­entions

Turn uncons­cious clients on their side to prevent aspiration from vomit- ing.
Monitor for persistent nausea and vomiting.
Monitor fluid and carboh­ydrate intake.
Assess neurologic status throughout treatment
Monitor for signs of hypogl­ycemia before and during treatment

Drug Admini­str­ation

Give IV, IM, or subcut­ane­ously.
Expect uncons­cious clients to regain consci­ousness about 20 min after IV admini­str­ation.
Provide food after clients regain consci­ousness and can swallow.
Be aware that, for severe hypogl­ycemia, IV glucose is the treatment of choice because it acts faster than glucagon does.

Patient Education

Warn client and family that vomiting is common after admini­str­ation of glucagon
Explain need to keep client on side until consci­ousness is regained
Encourage oral intake when tolerated to prevent another episode of hypogl­ycemia
Educate client on signs and symptoms of hypogl­ycemia and how to prevent severe hypogl­ycemic event by carrying sugar packets or candy for emerge­ncies.


Hypogl­ycemia from starvation (due to the lack of stored glycogen)
Hypers­ens­itivity to sulfites used as preser­vatives (wine, foods), other drugs related to sulfon­amides (aceta­zol­amide, thiazide diuretics, tolbut­amide)


Cardio­vas­cular disorders
Adrenal insuff­iciency


Effects of oral antico­agu­lants (warfarin) increase.
Negates effects of insulin
Phenytoin inhibits glucagon


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