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Bethanecol Cheat Sheet by

Treatment of urinary tract infections

Oral Cholin­ergics

Prototype Med
Bethan­echol (Urech­oline)
Action: Agonist that acts on the bladder. Avtivates muscarinic reseptors in the detrusor muscle that lines the bladder causing it to contract.

Ther­apeutic Use

Treatment of urinary retention

Adverse Drug Reacti­ons

Hypote­nsion, bradyc­ardia
Excessive gastric acid and saliva­tion, diarrhea, fecal incont­inence
Dizziness, fainting

Nursing Interv­ent­ions

Monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and bowel elimin­ation patterns
Monitor respir­atory status.
Monitor for dizziness.
For in-patient use, have a bedpan or urinal readily available and assist with ambula­tion.


Take orally three to four times a day.
Take 1 hr before or 2 hr after meals.

Patient Educat­ion

Report dizziness, difficulty breathing, or fainting
Increase fluid intake to maintain hydration.
Do not engage in dangerous activities if dizziness occurs or tends to recur.
Sit or lie down if feeling dizzy.


Hypote­nsion, Hypert­hyr­oidism
Low cardiac output, Asthma, chronic obstru­ctive pulmonary disease
Gastric ulcers, Intestinal obstru­ction, Recent intestinal surgery
Urinary tract obstru­ction or bladder wall weakness


History of syncope


Cholin­est­erase inhibitors worsen cholin­ergic effects and increase the risk of toxicity
Mecamy­lamine (Inver­sine) worsens abdominal symptoms and hypoten- sion.
Procai­namide (Prone­styl), quinidine, atropine, and epinep­hrine interfere with therap­eutic effects.




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