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Letter of complaint

Dear Sir or Madam,

Paragraph 1. I am writing to complain about … (place + time)
Paragraph 2. First of all … (1st problem + details)
Paragraph 3. Secondly, … (2nd problem + details)
Phar­agraph 4. I feel strongly that … (your opinion of the situation)
Paragraph 5. Under these circum­stances I believe that I am owed an apology and that I should recieve some form of compen­sation. I look forward to hearing your views on this matter.

Yours faithf­ully,
Useful vocabulary:
I feel strongly that…
I (strongly) believe…
In my opinion
In my view
Your service was inadequate (= not good enough)
I am afraid to say
It did not live up to my expect­ations
Formal, no contra­ctions



Pharagraph 1: personal story to introduce the topic
Pharagraphs 2 and 3: main topic, positive and negative examples to reflect your opinion, own experience or observ­ations can be used
Pharagraph 4: summary, ask an open-ended question, answer it with your own opinion
Informal, subjec­tive, colorful language, dramatic adject­ives

Balanced / For and against essay

– 3 arguments in favour of the statement
– 3 arguments against the statement

Intr­odu­cti­on: intere­sting fact, questions - Get the reader's attention!
Pharagraph 1: 3 arguments in favour - Justify! Quotes, facts, statis­tics, examples, shared experi­ence, common knowledge
Pharagraph 2: 3 arguments against
Conclusion: state your opinion, summarise arguments, draw a conclusion
Do not use "­I" in the essay, only in the conclu­sion. Only state your opinion in the conclu­sion.
+ : in advantage, in favour, benefit
- : disadv­antage, against, drawback
We have all seen…
It is common…
Formal, no contra­ctions

Book review


Phar­agraph 1: Title, author, genre, setting - SHORT
Pharagraph 2:
outline the plot+ main characters (use present simple, present contin­uous, present perfect)
Pharagraph 3:
streng­th/­wea­knesses - write at least 1 piece of critism
Pharagraph 4:
summary, recomm­end­ation - to who do you recommend it?
engaging, lugubr­ious, gripping, heavy-­going, dull, moving, depres­sing, entert­aining, fast-m­oving, haunting, though­t-p­rov­oking, implau­sible, intriguing
Use as many adjectives as you can.
Not too informal, no spoiler.

Letter to the Editor


Dear Sir or Madam,
Phar­agraph 1: when the article was published, why you take issue with it
Pharagraph 2 and 3: Specific examples, why you disagree with the content, supporting reasons
Pharagraph 4: recomm­end­ation of how to solve the problem, ak for: apolog­y/c­orr­ect­ion­/re­tra­cti­on/more balanced reporting
Yours faithf­ully,
Disrep­res­enting what sb said
To prove/­dis­prove a statement
Imbalanced article
Remember that the letter is to be published in the newspaper.
Formal, no contra­ctions

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