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JIRA Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.



Setup Instru­ctions

Send e-mail to QA Team Lead to setup the project
Provide the names, and user roles of QA team members or other users who would require access to the project
Provide any version numbers or releases for the project

Types of Issues

Code Defect
Defect in the code or behavior of the applic­ation
New requir­ement to change the existing behavior
Business Process Change
A major change request
Config­uration Issue
Enviro­nment issue
Production Defect
Defect that exists currently in production

Issue Management

Create a type of ticket based on the issue types
Assign it to a approp­riate Developer or PM
Fill in the steps to reproduce the issue
Provide expected result
Provide Actual Result
Attach any screen­shots or requir­ement docume­ntation


1 - Critical
Cannot continue with testing as there has been a major loss of functi­onality that has brought down all applic­ation modules. (E.g. applic­ation has crashed and cannot be restarted, or user is prevented from logging into the applic­ation due to login defect)
2 - Major
Major loss of functi­ona­lity, but testing can continue on other applic­ation modules or in other parts of the applic­ation. (E.g. an applic­ation module experi­ences a major loss of functi­onality but other modules are still working, or a major loss of applic­ation functi­onality has occurred but there are workar­ounds)
3 - Minor
Applic­ation functi­onality either does not work or does not work as expected.
4 - Low
Issue with a low impact to applic­ation functi­onality or a GUI Defect.

How to change the status of a ticket?

You have to be the assignee
You have made the necessary changes required
You have updated the ticket with comments
Look at the workflow and assign the correct status as per changes made