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DBeaver SQL Editor Keyboard Shortcuts by

Hotkeys for DBeaver to make SQL editing a snap!

SQL Editor Basic Commands

Standard (save, find, zoom in/out)
Ctrl + S, Ctrl + F, Ctrl + - /+
Advanced Find
Ctrl + H
SQL Assist and Auto-C­omplete
Ctrl + Space

Database Objects

Display Hyperlinks under Mouse Pointer
Hold Ctrl
Open object
Select Active database
Ctrl + 9
Selective Active Schema
Ctrl + 0
Link schema to editor
Ctrl + Shift + ,



SQL Formatting

Format SQL
Ctrl + Shift + F
Upper/­Lower Case
Right click

SQL Execution

Execute Statement
Ctrl + Enter
Execute in New Tab
Ctrl + \
Execute Script
Ctrl + X
Execute Statements in Diff Tabs
Ctrl + Alt + X
Get row count of query under text cursor
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C


Line Comment
Ctrl + /
Paragraph Comment
Ctrl + Shift + /
Comments out the SQL selected

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