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Single-area OSPF - Cheatsheet Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

Router 1

Enable OSPF
router ospf <pr­oce­ss_­id>
Configure the network by setting IP, WCM and area number
network <ip> <wc­m> area <ar­ea_­num>
Set the default reference bandwidth
auto-cost refere­­nc­e­s­-b­­andwith <va­lue>
Change to bandwidth of the currently selected interface
bandwidth <va­lue>
Manually set the cost of a link
ip ospf cost <va­lue>
Set the priority of the link
ip ospf priority <va­lue>

Router 2

Use the Router 1 commands to configure Router 2
Remove the "­pas­siv­e-s­tat­us" from the router so it receives routing updates
no passiv­e-i­nte­rface interface <in­t>

Debug commands

Display routing table
show ip route
Show general OSPF info
show ip ospf
Display configured routing protocol inform­ation
show ip protocols
Display OSPF inform­ation for the routers interfaces
show ip ospf int

Router 3

Use the Router 1 commands to configure Router 2
Remove­/Clear all OSPF processes
clear ip ospf process

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