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Adding Push Notifications to a Web App Cheat Sheet by [deleted]


Clone repo
Install webserver
Select app folder from cloned repo in webserver
Always update the service worker
Open DevTools (Right Click > Inspect) -> Applic­ation -> Service Workers -> Update on Reload

Register a Service Worker

 navigator.serviceWorker.register('sw.js')   .then(function(swReg) {     console.log('Service Worker is registered', swReg);      swRegistration = swReg;   })

Subscribe the user

  .then(function(subscription) {
    isSubscribed = !(subscription === null);


 const applicationServerKey = urlB64ToUint8Array(applicationServerPublicKey);
    userVisibleOnly: true,
    applicationServerKey: applicationServerKey
  .then(function(subscription) {

    isSubscribed = true;


Get Applic­ation Server Keys

Generate public­/pr­ivate keys
Insert them into your applic­ation

Handle Permission Denied

if (Notification.permission === 'denied') {
    pushButton.textContent = 'Push Messaging Blocked.';
    pushButton.disabled = true;

  if (isSubscribed) {
    pushButton.textContent = 'Disable Push Messaging';
  } else {
    pushButton.textContent = 'Enable Push Messaging';

  pushButton.disabled = false;

Handle a Push Event

self.addEventListener('push', function(event) {
  console.log('[Service Worker] Push Received.');
  console.log([Service Worker] Push had this data: "${}");

  const title = 'Push Codelab';
  const options = {
    body: 'Yay it works.',
    icon: 'images/icon.png',
    badge: 'images/badge.png'

  event.waitUntil(self.registration.showNotification(title, options));

Notifi­cation click

self.addEventListener('notificationclick', function(event) {
  console.log('[Service Worker] Notification click Received.');



Sending push messages

Unsubs­cribe the user

pushButton.addEventListener('click', function() {
  pushButton.disabled = true;
  if (isSubscribed) {
  } else {

  .then(function(subscription) {
    if (subscription) {
      return subscription.unsubscribe();
  .then(function() {

    console.log('User is unsubscribed.');
    isSubscribed = false;



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