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UK Festival Preparation Tips For Grown-Ups Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

Whether this is your first time attending a UK festival or just your first time as a grown-up, this handy checklist will make sure you're prepared for everything!

Festival Prepar­ation For Grown-Ups

This cheatsheet is a condensed, printable version of a blog post I wrote for my site, What Rach Did Next. You can find the original here which gives a little more explan­ation as to why you might need the items mentioned and some useful links to products:
Whether it’s your first UK festival or your memory just needs a little help, you will no doubt find this check-list useful.

Festival Camping Essentials

Whether you buy a new tent or reusing an old one, it pays to have a dry run before hand. That way, you leave yourself plenty of time to make sure you have all the bits and pieces you need.
• Tent with room to stand in
• Tent pegs
• Camping hammer
• Wheeled holdall
• Hanging lantern
• Pocket LED torch
• Fairy lights
• Gorilla tape
• Bin bags
• Kitchen roll

Camping at Bluedot Festival

Sleeping Essentials

Teenagers seem to be able to sleep in any condition until at least midday. As grown-ups, we need optimum comfort and minimal light in order to get a decent night’s sleep. Here's my list of essentials that will help you get a good night’s kip at a UK festival.
• Air mattress
• Repair patches
• Battery operated pump
• Sleeping bag
• Thermal blanket
• Inflatable camping pillow
• A hoodie
• T-shirt
• Snuggly full-l­ength PJ bottoms
• Herbal sleeping aid
• Eye mask
• Earplugs

Mobile Phones at Festivals

If you do decide to take your phone with you, here’s a checklist of everything you’ll need to remember:
• Mobile phone
• Charging cable
• Solar charger
• Bum bag or small festival pouch

Cooking and Eating Essentials

Besides music, trying out food van fayre is what I look forward to most at a festival. Although having said that, I’m always well jel of any neighbours having BBQ’d bacon for breakfast.
Festival food can seem pricey but if you tot up the price of the equipment you’ll need to go self catering, it may actually work out a cheaper option. Festival breakfast costs around £5 – £7.50, £2.50 for a cup of tea, £3.50 for a decent coffee so even breakfast can soon add up.
Lunch/­dinner will set you back £8 – £10 and a pint of beer about £5 - £6.
My advice would be to decide which way suits your budget in advance. If you’re likely to be tempted by food vans, there’s no point lugging loads of equipment around with you or food that will only go to waste.
If you do fancy self catering, these are the basics you’ll need:
• Camping BBQ or stove
• Coolbox or coolbag
• Freezer blocks
• Picnic plates
• Picnic cutlery
• Collap­sible washing up bowl
• Washing up liquid
• Tea towels

Fancy dress not essential but a lot of fun!

Festival Clothing

I’ve written this from a female perspe­ctive because that’s what I am. Guys, I’m afraid you’re on your own!
• Underwear
• Socks
• Swimsuit or bikini
• Beach cover-up or kaftan
• Jeans
• Hiking or sports leggings
• T-shirts
• Waterproof jacket
• Scarf or Pashmina
• Comfor­table shoes
• Wellies
• Small shoulder bag (or bum bag)
• Hat
• Sunglasses

Festival Toiletries

Everyone expects to get a bit grungy when they go to a festival. If you don’t like that idea, most festivals offer a VIP upgrade which usually includes hot showers, hair dryers and straig­hte­ners. That said, they can be pricey and the queues can be shocking!
Fortun­ately, there are a few bits you can take with you to make freshening up a little easier. If you have miniatures left over from a hotel break, festivals are a great opport­unity to use them up. If not, don’t buy more, they’re really bad for the planet. Instead, get a set of travel tubs that you can fill with your favourite products and reuse when you go away.
• Moist wipes
• Collap­sible bowl
• Packs of tissues
• Toothbrush & toothpaste
• Dry shampoo
• Deodorant
• Make up
• Hair products

Emergency Supplies

You will always find welfare and first aid tents dotted around festival sites in case of emerge­ncies. Hopefully, you'll never need to use one. There are a few supplies you can take with you so you don't have to bother them for minor injuries and upsets.
• Lipbalm with SPF Sunscreen
• After-Sun
• Parace­tamol
• Prescr­iption medication
• Hayfev­er/­allergy tablets
• Rehydr­ation salts
• Nail clippers & file
• Blister plasters

Bonus Festival Gear

You may find you have so much stuff already that you can’t fit any more in the car, can’t face lugging it all to the tent or your bank balance simply won’t allow it. If you can, there are a few extras you can take that will make you feel like queen of the festival!
• Table
• Camping chairs
• Camping trolley or cart
• Hammock
• Glitter & vaseline
• Reusable straw
• Inflatable lounger
• Festival flag & pole
• Picnic blanket
• Glow in the dark guy ropes
• Crazy costume

Is That All Folks?

I like to think that’s a pretty compre­hensive list but I’m sure there’s bound to be things I’ve forgotten. If you can think of anything I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll consider adding it.


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