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Ethical, Legal (etc) Issues - AQA Computer Science Cheat Sheet by [deleted]


For the "­E­thical, legal and enviro­nmental impacts of digital technology on wider society, including issues of privac­y­" unit of the AQA specif­ica­tion, no specific inform­ation must be learnt.

However, exams may ask questions that require students to explain "­current ethical, legal and enviro­nmental impacts and risks of digital technology on society. Where data privacy issues arise these should be consid­ere­d."

Open Source Code vs Propri­etary Software

Open source code is shared freely, usually on line. Everyone is allowed to use it. Prop­rietary software is privately owned and you must pay to use it.

Areas Covered

Exam questions will be taken from the following areas:
• cyber security
• mobile techno­logies
• wireless networking
• cloud storage
• theft of computer code
• issues around copyright of algorithms
• cracking
• hacking
• wearable techno­logies
• computer based implants.
These points are taken from the specif­ica­tion.

Privacy (Ethical Issues)

Private Citizens
Ordinary citizens generally value their privacy and do not like it when govern­ments or security services have too much access.
Govern­ments & Security Services
It is difficult for govern­ments to protect citizens from crime (espec­ially terrorism) without access to private data.
Article 12 of the Declar­ation of Human Rights is often cited in defence of privacy:
"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interf­erence with his privacy, family, home or corres­pon­dence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputa­tion. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interf­erence or attack­s."

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