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Branding 101: Daily Plan of Action Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

Daily Plan of Action to Brand YOU, Create a Following and Have People Come to YOU to Buy from and Join in Business


You are now going to become VERY active on Facebook. Post 4-7 times a day. This will begin to brand you and create a following which is a must. You NEED to get yourself seen as much as possible. Keep in mind only about 7% of people see your posts so post often! People follow, buy from, and join in busine­ss..people of value. You are now no longer in sales but a teacher and a problem solver. Your income in this industry is in direct relation to the value you Provide in the market place!
1. You will post value based content
2. You will post what your target market wants to know about. Tips as they relate to your products as well as CURIOSITY posts relating to your productsas well as curiosity posts relating to your products.
3. More import­antly, you will TEACH and post Marketing! People want to join a marketing pro!
4. YOU are now the PRO and you are going to prove it by teaching marketing. This will be in the form of a written tip, Written mini blog post, AND yes, VIDEO!
5. Video is BY FAR the fastest way to Brand YOU!, get to know, like and trust you and grow an Audien­ce/­fol­lowing.
6. People join people they know,like, and trust,­¬≠so­meone they see as an authority figure and a leader.
7. They DO NOT join Companies!
8.YOU are now that authority figure and leader! THIS is how you knock out and compet­ition!


This is where consis­tency is key and is critical. There are tools that you can use to automate the process. Such as, Hootsuite (on your computer as well as an app on your phone), Post Intell­igence ( I use on my computer), Instaquote (app on my phone). We'll stick to just these 3 for now but there are many ways you can automate.
1. ONE Quote a day or every second day
2. Marketing Tip
3. Video sharing a marketing tip
4. Video or post educating people of the value and benefits of your products WITHOUT mentioning the company name.
5. Lifestyle posts
6. Results post
7. Engagement post. Ask a question
REMEMBER** Post 4 -7 times A DAY

When you do a video, post it on your Facebook PAGE, then share to your profile, then upload it to you tube and add to your blog with a couple of sentences of text.

One Post a day can have your blog URL with it. (Great way to start driving traffic to your blog)


Network Marketing and ALL Online Marketing is a RELATI­ONSHOP Business. The More relati­onships you create the faster you will build your business and the more money you will earn. This is Part of Your DALIY METHOD of OPERATION:
1. Make 5-10 new friends on Facebook a day or MORE
2. SEnd each one a personal message and start building rapport
3. You MUST build Rappport, trust, and credib­ility before talking business.
4. You MUST ask questions of your prospects to find out if they are even in need of what you have. (IE: your products or biz opp) Brining it up before someone has even shown interest will turn them off and you then lost them as a potential customer or prospect.
5. Reach out and connect with existing friends in the industry everyday.
6. When chatting with people, Ask if they would like to be on your newsle­tter. Tell them you provide a TON of value. Health and wellness tips or whatever tips you provide related to your product or service.
7. Start building THAT EMAIL LIST!
**NOTE: The email list described here is NOT the auto responder that is given to you by your company. It is a separate newsletter that you create in an Aweber or Get Response account. It is Yours and exclusive just to you!!


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