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Asana User Guide Manual Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

How to join ASANA?

Sign Up
Accept Invite
1. Open the email invite
2. Click Get Started for FREE.
2. Click the Join Now button
3. Verify email address
3. Create account
4. Create account
Enter your account’s email address and password

Click your profile photo. Click Log Out.

Where to find?

My Tasks, Inbox, Quick Add, Search, Profile Settings, Workspace or Organi­zation Settings
My Dashboard, Projects, Favorites, Recents, Team Conver­sat­ions, Team Calendar in your Workspace or Organi­zation
3. Header
Options for a Project, My Tasks, or Search views
4. Main pane
Search results, Inbox notifi­cat­ions, Dashboard project cards, Task lists, and Conver­sation posts.
5. Right pane
Assign a task, Set a due date & due time, Heart the task, Identify what project the task is in, Mark the task complete or incomp­lete, Add a descri­ption to give the task more context, Build a list of subtasks, Attach files, Post a comment, Follow or unfollow the task

How to navigate?

How to's - Basics

1. Edit Profile
Click your profile photo
Top Bar
Click Profile Settings
Top Bar Dropdown
2. Enter a WORKSPACE
WORKSPACE - This is where all the project tasks with a team are stored.
Click your profile photo
Top Bar
Click on a Workspace
Top Bar Dropdown
3. Quick Add anything
Click Quick Add Button (+)
Top Bar
4. Edit a Task
Click a Task
Main Pane
Edit Task settings
Right Pane
5. Favorite anything
Click the star icon beside a project name, contact name, etc.
Side Bar
6. Chat with team mate
Select a Project
Side Bar
Click Conver­sations
Post a message and click Post
Main Pane
7. Book a schedule
Click Calendar
Side Bar
Add details to a date
Main Pane


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