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e-Handoff Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

e-Handoff Quick Start

Patient Info

Patient List
The patient list is a summary of patients on any particular team (ICU, Wards, Blue). You can sort by any column with the Up or Down symbol. To edit a patient to add or update inform­ation, click the pencil icon next to the patient name.
Add Patient
Click Add Patient from the Patient List menu or the Add New Patient button in the upper right corner. If your instit­ution's EMR integrates with e-Handoff, you will see autosu­gge­stions for EMR patients on the patient first and last name, and medical record fields. Add the initial patient inform­ation, create the record, then use the rest of the fields to add additional patient data.
You can search for current or archived patients by name, medical record, your userid, admit or discharge dates, or strings within any text field. Depending on how your instit­ution saves the data, you might also be able to bring back archived patient data in the case of a readmit. You can also export the results of your search to a spread­sheet.
This is the screen you see when you first activate your account. The Welcome screen shows a list of all teams to which you have been granted access, as well as some getting started info.

Adding­/Ed­iting Patients

When editing patients you will see a screen of various input fields that have been determined by your program to match your handoff workflow. If your instit­ution's EMR integrates with e-Handoff, you can start typing in a patient's first or last name or medical record and see a list of matching patients from your EMR. You may also see existing patients that are on a different team. A patient can be on two or more teams at the same time, sharing demogr­aphic data, but each team can also track separate workflow items. To set an alert, click the chili pepper on any text field, and the values will show up in the Alert section in the upper right corner, until turned off. You can also click the [] to place a bracket inside a field, or the check mark to indicate a task has been completed. While editing, your data will be autosaved every 60 seconds as well as if you are timed out.


Single Patient Print
Use this option to print a To Do List or Census report for just one patient.
To Do List
This is a summary report that can be used for rounding. The fields can match the input screen exactly, but an admini­strator can also choose to customize the fields if desired.
Census List
A more compressed report with less fields, room for notes, and fishbone charts for lab values.
Custom Reports Defined for Team
Your team can create custom reports to suit your requir­ements. An admins­trator can create or make changes to these.
Handoff Report (Admin Only)
This report is a summary of patient transi­tions by program, team or resident. This option is only viewable by admini­str­ators.
Medical Errors Report (Admin Only)
If medical error tracking is turned on for your team or program, you can use this report to get a list of the errors and severity. This option is only viewable by admini­str­ators.

Team Info

Edit Team Info
Here is where you can edit the team inform­ation at the top of every screen and report, for instance a list of physic­ians' phone numbers or commonly called depart­ments.
Switch Team
Use this option to switch to another team, such as from Peds Wards to Peds ICU.
Combine Teams
You can combine two or more teams into one list. Whichever team is combined first will have the default layout for the other teams, even if they have different layouts.
Team Documents
An admini­strator can upload commonly used documents such as PDFs of instru­ctions, schedules or patient forms for everyone on the team to access.

My Info

My Patient List
This is a list of patients you have saved or that a chief resident has added for you. Patients on your list will stay even if the patient has been removed from the team's list. This is useful for family followup, or case tracking.
My Profile
Here is where you can update your email address, password and security questions. If you update your email address it will also change your userid.

Patient Tools

The Patient Tools icons on each patient row help you perform different functions.

Patient Tools Icons


How do I set or remove an alert on a patient?
Edit the patient, then click the chili pepper on or off
Where can I see discharged patient info?
Patient Info, Search
How can I update the info at the top of each report?
Team Info, Edit Team
Where can I change the color labels?
Team Info, Edit Team
How can I set an alert for the whole team?
Team Info, Edit Team
How can I get access to another team I'll be rotating on?
You must get permission from your residency coordi­nator


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