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Writing Research Papers on Different Topics Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Writing a thesis is a very important part of the academic curriculum. In fact, there are many subjects out there that you cannot even get a degree for unless and until you submit a thesis. Researching gives the scope of exercising your skills of deductive thinking. Today, we will point out some things that you can do. Making your paper might seem tough but it can really be easy if you keep some simple things in mind.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Writing Research Papers on Different Topics



Conducting the study with depth is definitely mandatory for writing research papers. Firstly, decide the type of study you would like to conduct. You may do an explor­atory study, a descri­ptive study, an explor­atory study and so on. Also, be clear on the type of inform­ation required for a research paper. For instance, whenever I https:­//p­ape­rso­wl.c­om­/wr­ite­-my­-re­sea­rch­-paper (need someone to write my research paper), I’d prefer to use primary data. The inform­ation acquired from its original source is known as primary whereas info acquired indirectly is referred to as secondary. After that, find that research instrument you need for your research paper. Interv­iews, focus groups as well as surveys happen to be classic sources for primary data. Articles, books and digital portals are classic ways of acquiring secondary data.


One of the most important things in any research is to outline a schedule. You may use a Gantt chart for that purpose. Take resear­chers writing on the https:­//s­pee­chb­lub­s.c­om/­blo­g/j­uly­-4t­h-p­res­cho­ol-­crafts/ (July 4th play activi­ties) for example. Basically, you need to forge a step-b­y-step process and put deadlines to each step. Then, you are able to better use your time. Ascertain the approp­riate budgetary requir­ements. All these things must be specified in the research framework. The most effective way of making your study successful is to plan ahead.


You need to be very clear about the intention with which you are making your paper. You require a null hypothesis for sure. It will give you a sense of direction. The main goal is to solve a problem. Study the material you have at your disposal. Go deep. Ask the important questions. It is a necessity. Explore the domain you choose and learn whatever you can.


Now, this is one of those steps that people often end up ignoring. Do not take this for granted. Making a draft of your study before putting it on paper is extremely paramount. Drafting assists you in detecting potential mistakes early on. You are able to better outline your template. Format the paper in a more accurate fashion. If you do not https:­//w­ww.m­as­ter­cla­ss.c­om­/ar­tic­les­/ho­w-t­o-w­rit­e-a­-fi­rst­-dr­aft­?__­cf_­chl­_ca­ptc­ha_­tk_­_=p­md_­9a1­a65­9a4­6c9­a30­9e9­973­82c­2f7­00b­b17­6af­e23­a-1­627­546­325­-0-­gqN­tZG­zNA­s2j­cnB­szQ­46#­quiz-0 (create a draft) before­hand, it makes things unnece­ssarily more difficult.


It is another crucial aspect of working on a research paper that everyone tends to overlook. Proofr­eading is highly necessary. It helps you in detecting spelling mistakes, https:­//b­­bsp­ot.c­om­/ma­rke­tin­g/c­omm­on-­gra­mma­r-m­ist­ake­s-list (gramm­atical errors) as well as typos. At times, due to one small mistake, the meaning of an entire sentence ends up becoming the exact opposite of what you had intended it to be. So, never forget about proofr­eading your work before finally making the submis­sion.


This proves how authentic your work is. Every time you make any mention of any past work that has been done in relation to your research topic, make sure to cite the source. Citations are usually made to occupy a special section of the paper towards the end. It is called the biblio­graphy. If you do not cite your sources, it might even make you prone to copyright violation. The most used format of citation is that of the American Psycho­logical Associ­ation as it has a certain kind of structural consis­tency. We recommend that you use it too. After all, citations are a way of thanking the experts who contri­buted to the field in the past.


So, now you have a better idea of the steps you can follow so that you can work on any paper effici­ently. But, there’s a major thing that one must have in mind. When you choose your research topic, make sure it is associated with a subject that you have a formidable grasp on. Having some prior knowledge of the subject can truly help a lot. It will also make it easier for you to compose the literature review.