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Beata's Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts by

XMonad Navigation

Alt + Tab
Focus next window
Alt + Space
Change window layout
Alt + [1-9]
Change desktop
Alt + Shift + C
Exit program


New tab
Ctrl + t
Close tab
Ctrl + w
Re-open the last closed tab
Ctrl + Shift + t
Jump to the next tab
Ctrl + Tab
Jump to the previous tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Inspect element
Ctrl + Shift + c
Developer tools
Refresh page
Ctrl + z
Find text
Ctrl + f
Alt + left arrow
Alt + right arrow

Command line

View previous commands
up arrow
Autoco­mplete previous command
Ctrl + r
Search previous commands
Ctrl + r, type, Ctrl + r
Cancel command
Ctrl + c
Exit shell
Ctrl + d
Jump to beginning of command
Ctrl + a
Jump to end of command
Ctrl + e
Clear the screen
Ctrl + l

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