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This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Business Detail Questions

**What Is the Business and at what points it is generating most money?
**What are their objectives of growth?
**What are they doing currently for sales and marketing?
*How are hey advert­ising to their prospe­ctive customers?
**How much do they spend on advert­ising and marketing in general?
**How much more business they think they could be doing and handling?
*What are their plans for customer acquis­ition using digital marketing?
**How much would they pay for 2x, 3x, and 10x growth?
*What is their business story, ie. how did they start + grow + survive etc..?
**What is their prior experience in customer acquis­ition using digital marketing?
*Describe ideal scenario where they are doing perfect business

Customer Detail Questions

*Who are the people running this business?
Would other people in business like the idea we're sugges­ting?
*How long have you been doing this business?
How do you usually educate yourself for new things in your business?

Prospe­ctive customer details

Who are your customers i.e age, gender, ethnicity, financial status, intell­igence centered or social centered or money centered etc..
**How do they find you?
**How do they buy from you?
*Can they get you referrals? if yes then how often do you get referrals.
*What are the biggest reasons they don't or can't buy from you?
**What is their incentive to buy from you instead of someone else?

Related to our business

Would you like to create a website, if you have one make it better?
Would you like to create social media brand?
Would you like to create content?
Would you like to generate pre-qu­alified leads?
would you like to make it easier to sell for you and buy for your customer?
Would you like to add more human experience in your customer intera­ctions at the same time not hire people?
Would you like to build a database of people who do or can buy from you in future?