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Patho Unit5 Immune Disease Cheat Sheet by

lol just for my exam


B lymphocyte bind Ag -> Plasma cell -> Ab

Type I (Immediate hypers­ens­iti­vity/ Allergy)

- IgE mediated
- Systemic anaphy­lactic rxn
1st exposure
Bind Ab to mast cell
2nd exposure
Late phase
1. Sensitized mast cell bind Ag
recruit eosino­phils
2. Granul­ation + release mediators
same symptoms, last longer
Clinical features
H&L: Edema, Mucus Secretion, Sm spasm
Eosinophil damage epithelial cell, activate mast cell
Recruited cell amplif­y& sustain response w/ additional exposure
1. Vasoactive amines (Hista­mine)
1. Leukot­rients
2. Enzymes
2. Prosta­glandin D2
3. Proteo­gycans
3. Platle­t-a­cti­viating factor
--> TNF,IL­-1,­Che­mokines

Acquired Immuno­def­iciency syndrome

- Opport­unistic infection from HIV (intra­venous injection)
- Bind & kill CD4+
- HIV infect CD4+ helper T lympho­cytes, Dendritic cell& macrop­hages
- Loss of 1.Cell­-me­diated & 2. Humoral immunity

Type 2 (Antib­ody­-me­diated)

- Incomp­atible blood transf­usion
Cell destru­ction by
1. Opsoni­sat­ion­& Phagoc­ytosis
2. Inflam­mation
3. Cellular dysfun­ction

Type 3 (Immune comple­x-m­edi­ated)

- Deposition of insoluble Ag-Ab complexes
Phase I: Formation of blood-­borne complex
II: Deposition in tissue­s& Activate complement
III: Attract leukoc­yte­s& Vessel­+Tissue injury

Type4 (T cell-m­edi­ated)

Direct CD8+
Attack all infected cell w./ recognised Ag
Delayed CD4+
Activated T cell release damaging cytokines

Autoim­munity (Systemic Lupus Erythe­mat­osus)

Ag: Self cells e.g. Nucleus
Ab: Autoan­tib­odies
- ANA, Antipo­sph­olipid, Anticy­top­lasmic
Clinical expression

Rejection of tissue transp­lants

- After allocrafts
- Immune system react w./ foreign MHC -> reject­& destroy
- Cell-m­ediated hypers­ens­itivity & Humoral response
- Inflam­mation, necrosis & organ destru­ction


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