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SMART vs. SACRED Goals Cheat Sheet by

Nevermind SMART - Ask whether your goals are SACRED!

Goal Setting And Planning

It's important to plan goals wisely, but SMART goals are for grunts who need to prioritize man-hours, show they're worth munching up cashflow, and prove they're contri­buting to the bottom line. When you're working at a higher level view, if you're suscep­tible to burnout (suffering from former burnout, anxiety, PTSD, etc.), and if you're an entrep­reneur, there may be more going on than whether or not your goals are simply SMART. SMART is not always profit­able. SMART is not always worth your time and energy. You need to check whether or not goals are SACRED to determine whether or not they're worth doing in the first place.


Is your goal Specific?
Can you answer all the WH-que­stions? Can we really know what it is that you're going to do? Did you leave too much room for interp­ret­ation?
Is it Measurable?
Are there numbers involved? Percen­tages? These are great for analytics and knowing when exactly you can check the Done box.
Is your goal Attainable?
Can it even be done in the time allotted to it? Is there a reasonable chance of success without divine interv­ention?
Is your goal Relevant?
Is your goal Time-bound with a deadline or milestone date?
Does your goal have a deadline or milestone date?


Is this Satisfying?
Dig deep to find a reason that this goal is satisfying and will create more than simply a sense of obliga­tion.
Will it be Advent­urous?
Not all goals are achiev­able, but they may be worth pursuing anyway. It may be worth pursuing regardless of whether it's truly achiev­able.
Will it help to be Creative?
Find ways to breathe life into old tasks, make them fun, or add creativity to your repert­oire.
Is this goal Rewarding?
If your goals are draining, boring, exhausting -- then perhaps it's time to check the compass and make sure your goals are taking you in the right direction.
Is this goal Exhila­rating?
A SACRED goal will be so exciting, it gets you up in the morning. You can't wait to see how much progress you can make on it today!
Do I find this goal self-Driving?
This is the litmus test -- your goal should almost have its own power of movement, something easier to do than to stop yourself from doing it. At every step of the journey, you need to be willing and able to take some actions. If you do have a moment of being stuck, determ­ining your next step is important – even when the next step is "take a break."­


For the most recent work around this topic see the Developing Better Spoons online course. This cheat sheet is based on my article Nevermind SMART - Ask whether your goals are SACRED!, my book SURRENDER™ to Passion, and my article Getting the Right Things Done on the Passio­nizing™ Blog. I'm making a cheat sheet because I often want to refer back to my own articles while working with white-­collar burnout coaching customers on these points, and want something to give my customers. I hope you find them helpful. ~Rev Criss


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