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  • Criss Ittermann is the owner, administrator and adventurer of Eclectic Tech LLC and its empire. XES on, website developer, designer, business and life coaching, and much more. For more info see
  • Cheatographer since 19 October, 2017.


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Cheat Sheets By Crisses

3 Pages
By way of a comedy of errors I ended up with way too many dried chickpeas for 1 body to handle. In an effort to use them all before they're too old, and to have a chickpea-centric diet, this cheatsheet was born. You can likely use these ideas with other beans (more or less), or tofu, etc. but it was born from an abundance of chickpeas!
16 May 22, updated 18 May 22
1 Page
Nevermind SMART - Ask whether your goals are SACRED!
16 Nov 20, updated 25 Jan 22
3 Pages
A user and administrator cheatsheet for PmWiki websites
21 Sep 18, updated 5 Jun 21